Project #SewMyStyle: Named Yona Wrap Coat

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Hi boos and baes!

Do you remember a small millenia ago when I was participating in the Project Sew My Style? Yeah, neither did I apparently.
Whoa, jeez. Sorry!
That outburst was more of a ‘me looking in the mirror’ and less of a ‘me writing to my blog fans’. Anyways, let’s skip ahead to the part where I am not a total failure at everything I set out to do*
*these are all jokes people. We know that, right?
 I made a god dang mother flipping coat. Exterior shell: check! Interior Lining: check! Cool level to the ultimate max: check and check!

Now, imma be the realest with you guys. I made this coat about 6 months ago. I needed a hip spring jacket, I had the fabric, and I just could not wait another second before having this coat in my life. It has since served me well for the crisp spring mornings, but hachi machi do I not remember a lot of blog worthy construction tips from my experience. So my sincere apologies if I am muddling through this like a fool.

I ended up going with a size 14, the largest size for this pattern, which is my usual go-to for Named patterns. However, their ‘ultra-over-sized clothing’ size L vibe and my ‘fits me perfectly’ size L is fairly common for me with their pattern blocks. Apparently, Fins are just slim perfect scando-chic models and, we all know this, I am not. Anyways, the coat still has the super modern boxy vibe to it which I am in-love with so that is all that matters.

Constructing this jacket was so! much! fun! Being my first wool-ish style of jacket, I was super nervous that I didn’t have the skills necessary to, for a lack of a better term, ‘tailor’ a jacket for myself. However, with this pattern, I was able to practice a lot of fancy coat making skills (like, look at that interfacing y’all) and test out some new techniques that will become invaluable in future makes. Oh, and don’t mind those two interfaced squares right in the middle of the back. It has nothing to do with two holes I found only after making my whole god damn jacket. Ugh. Moving on.
The fabric is vintage, which is another way of saying ‘given to me out of an old box of miscellaneous half-labelled fabrics’. The two shell fabrics were labelled as flannels, but they are not your average button up weight. The have a pretty heavy hand-feel, which works perfectly for a transitional jacket. The inside fabric is just labelled ‘paisley’ and I am going to assume it’s some sort of polyester satin but I also have absolutely no fucking idea what I am talking about so ???.

Let’s talk design: I really really wanted a camel coat. They are just all the rage right now and I couldn’t resist the temptation of being super hip (obviously) in a super hip camel coat (obviously). So, you can imagine by elation when I was given this box of fabrics with a gorgeous camel colour outer-weight fabric staring back at me. YESSSS, I COULD SEE ALL MY CAMEL COAT-Y DREAMS finally come through.

But Natasha, this is not a camel coat.
I know, guys. I have eyes too.

You must imagine my desperate sadness after busting open all of the fabric in this box and finding I only had 1.25m of the camel fabric. 1.25m?! That would be a coat for ants!
WHY HATH THOU FORSAKEN ME, OH LORD OF VINTAGE FABRICS? In an attempt to soldier on with my coat plans, I sliced the exterior front and back pieces in two and colour blocked this bad boy. And, you know, it’s: a design choice/it’s so in right now/I am fashun fall/winter 2017 – all the other excuses that home sewists make.

I am most assuredly going to make another coat with this pattern because it has brought me such joy in the weather permitting months. Enough joy as to not even press my jacket prior to taking these photos, as I am realizing now looking back at this shoot. Let’s chalk that up to showing you the true side of me-made fashion, right? That is what we were doing? Aannn neee ways, if I were to change one thing about this jacket, it would be the sleeves. I am very into the raglan sleeve vibe, but I would love a jacket that has the two sleeve piece construction similar to the Kelly Anorak jacket: one piece on top and one piece on the bottom. I found I had to take out a lot of shape from the shoulders while fitting this, and even now can see a bit more fabric that unnecessary in that area. How would that work with raglan sleeves? Who knows. I’m only 1 month into fashion school guys, cut me some slack.
I would also love love LOVE a duster length black or charcoal coat with this pattern, although I might have to grade it up a few sizes to fit around my child-bearing hips. #gothvibesforlife

In my first (and last) foray into fashion blogging, let’s talk about all of the other non-Natasha-made things in these photos:

WHUR YOU GET DAT FINE ASS SHIRT? Well, mon ami, this was a limited edition run of the HAG shirt by my favorite Fashion Hags (of the aptly named Fashion Hags podcast). Earlier this year, they did a limited edition eco-friendly sustainably made t-shirt, and it was basically all of the things I desire in one piece of non-Natasha-made clothing. It’s a little daunting to wear in public, but sometimes being a fully emblazoned HAG is the only way to go about your day.

WHUR YOU GET DEM FINE ASS BOOTS? Guys, remember when I had disposable income just oooozing out of my wallet? #goodoldays #studentlife #pooraf. Well, when I was a rich mother fucker, I bought a fancy ass pair of boots from Love Jules Leather. In the years that have passed, I have kept these precious babies safe, only taking them out for very special occasions, but luckily for me they look good with everything. They have also doubled in price since I bought them so I guess #doublelucky.

WHUR YOU GET DAS FINE ASS PINS? My hetero life partner, Ashley, bought me these god damn cute ass pins for my b-day. One is for all of my #muderinos out there, from Jenni’s Prints on etsy, and the peace sign is from my future bff who currently doesn’t know I exist, Tuesday Bassen. And yes, Ashley does get the best birthday presents ever so don’t even try to take her away from me.

That! is! it! for! coats!
Are you all entertained?! Do you all want a fancy wool-ish jacket now? I bet you do!
Also, thank you for looking at all of those photos and not saying anything about my terrible overgrown haircut that I desperately need to fix. Oh, you did say something? In the very first picture even? Yeah, I better book that damn haircut.



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  1. Potts

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving. Your friend who will NEVER sew.

  2. Your fav human

    Correct!! I do give the best gifts ? Love you bb! I am yours FOREVER!

    • Your fav human

      ALSO! this coat is god damn amazing, can’t wait for you to be my personal designer and I will be your personal baker?

  3. Hoopes Park Studios (@HoopesParkArt)

    I am MUY entertained. That’s a great coat! Love the color blocking. I made a coat a few (4?) years ago that turned out huge. So for coat attempt 2 (years after recovering from the trauma of coat #1) I am ripping apart an old pea coat I loved until its insides became shredded and making a pattern from that. But I can’t decide between charcoal or black for the fabric. Lining will be lime green. Wish me luck.


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