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Guys, it has just been a dang busy few months. May was all loopey lou in preparation for a big life adjustment which happened in June. Now, June’s all like, ‘hey, I see you are trying to change your life. Let me rock your world by making things EVEN! CRAZIER!’
Anyways, It has just been female-balls to the walls over here, but all for the greatest cause.
Is this coming across as complaining? I am DEFINITELY not complaining guys. I honestly can’t tell. I’ve just ALREADY BEEN AWAKE FOR SO LONG. I wake up so early now. All of this may be just ramblings of an almost completely insane person.
How early you axe? 4:50AM BICHESSSSS.
Like, the sun isn’t even up at that time.

(ok, real talk, she is totally already up. But I just wanted to make it seem way cooler than it actually is). WHY AM I STILL TALKING?!

Ok ok ok. So, in uh, April (?! dear god) I made a thing! And it has proved to be an amazing and wonderful thing. HI KELLY ANORAK! I SEE YOU BABY.

I was gifted this pattern by my sewing mother, Kerry, and I knew that I had to make it up real quick. I was running pretty slim in the spring jacket department (yes, let’s just pretend it was recently spring) and this was going to fix all of my problems! Guess what folks, it totally did.

I used a 100% cotton twill purchased at Dressew in Vancouver, in black obvious (you know who I am, right?) with antique brass snaps and zippie. I haven’t actually gotten around to finding/purchasing the fancy drawstring pulley dudes (too lazy to look up what they are called, #dontjudgeme) nor have I gotten around to fixing some of my broken snaps (more on that later). Dang, what have I gotten around to doing?
Oh yeah, #netflix

I knew that, for the most part, I would be wearing a hoodie underneath if I were to need a hood, so I opted to do version B aka a bit of the hood-less horseman vibezz. I also was very inspired by Heather’s version, so I knew I was going to be part of a good team going with letra B. I had some issues with sizing myself for this pattern; my top half and my bottom half were NOT HAVING ANY of each other throughout the numerous measurements I took, so I opted to #hopeforthebest and go with the finished garment sizes in order to get an adequate fit. Having never made any Closet Case Patterns before (don’t tell anyone that secret), I was a bit worried about the how the patterns are sized anyways, but this ended up turning out a-ok. I graded from a size 12 in the top to a size 14 in the hips, which gives me loads of room to stuff additional layers in. If I were to make it again and wanted a more fitted vibe, I think I would size down to a 10/12 split, keeping the size 12 armholies (because those seem to be working just fine with me). Anyways, am I talking to much? Or is this exactly what I should be writing in a sewing blog?
Who even knows anymore.

For real though, past Natasha is a fucking legend. I am obviously heavily relying on my notes in my Colette sewing planner to complete this post and the first thing I wrote was,
‘I am not smarter than the zipper placket”
Yep, sounds about right to me.

In true Natasha fashion, I was having some izzues that I thought I could fix by being super sneakies and very clever, but should have actually just fixed by reading the god damn instructions over a few more times. Lucky for me, my bunk fix still looks fine, but I have made a note for next time (and all subsequent instruction heavy projects) to sit. read. sit. read. repeat. repeat. repeat.

Now that my deep dark shame is out in the open, I will talk about my most beloved parts of this jacket!
1. the whole dang thing

2. The pockets! Ugh, those gusset pockets are life. They are so big and delicious and have done a tremendous job holding the 4 sets of keys that I now carry around for all of my various work/home jaunts. Also, they look fly as hell and I basically want to gusset everything. In an ‘I don’t feel like reading the instructions’ moment, I definitely did add the back of the snap to the inside of the jacket, so my pockets just so happen to be fully functional. However, like many other ladies have inferred with these pockets, they should not really be ‘snap-able’ pockets due to the possibility of them ripping out of the small layer of shell fabric. Welp, at least I got some extra snap practice, right?

3. LIBS ELLIOT COLLAR WHAT?! Version B of the pattern called for 2.75m of fabric, but my fabric bolt of choice decided to stop short at just over 2.3m. I squeeeezed everything on to the amount that I had with one exception: I only cut one collar stand piece instead of two. Thank the lord below for my secret libs quilting cotton stash. Now I am wrapped in little lightning bolts like A TRUE BOSS-ASS BITCH.
Also, for all of you keen readers, that was a satan joke just for libs.

Please do not mind my bra strap. My photographer decided not to mention it during the shoot. Luckily he’s cute (and pays half the mortgage).

The only current issue I have with my muy favorita chaqueta is the god damn snaps. Honestly, who knew snaps would be such a bitch? I’m guessing non bargain bin bad boys would probably yield a better response, but these little losers sucked going in and suck even more every time they pop off. You laser eyes may notice I am already missing the snap on one of my sleeve cuffs.
*raises fist in the air* damn yous snaps!

Seriously though, thanks to the less that summer vibes that Vancouver has been dishing up until recently and my unwillingness to wear anything else, this coat has been my go-to for almost every single day since the final pressing in April. I almost can’t wait to wear the shit out of it so bad that I get to make a new one! Is that weird? I bet that is probably weird.
Next time, I am definitely going to hit up the lining expansion and make me some kind of fuzzy insides, and add a hood just to spice things up. But for real, definitely going to need about 1300 of these coats in my life.

Alright my babies, I’m hoping that July yield more blog posts, more sewing, more pugs in pictures, and better photo shoot locations.
All four of those things. CMON JULY, WE ARE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU.

Have you missed me?
Comment if you have missed me.
your love is everything to me.



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  1. jadelesley89

    I’ve missed you! I love your blog posts! Always fun to read and so full of energy.

  2. Kerry Lewendon

    Hey welcome back missy! Great job on the anorak ? Yes, snaps are the devil’s reincarnate truly. On my 2nd Kelly I emailed Heather to ask if there was a lining pattern coming out. Yes, but alas, not for a while. So, ahead I forged, damn near broke my brain a couple of times. Finished the last stitch, and out comes the pattern. Oh, and guess who wants one now? Hey, if you line the next one, be sure to drop a zippered pocket or two on the inside. Great to keep your DL and cards in if you don’t want to drag a purse along. I’ll be back to working on my Kalle after I finish Widget’s sling bag thing. Hope there’s no mean kids at school and you’re loving it

  3. Potts

    You make me laugh which is a good thing.


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