✨Razzle Dazzler✨ (in a Grainline Studio Archer)

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Guess what, Vancouver has SUN! ONCE! MORE!
I woke up extra early one morning (jk. I have to wake up extra early every morning now…more about that later) and tried to steal a bit of sunshine to photograph a shirt that has become one of my wardrobe staples. And yes, YES, it is another Archer button-up. I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH.
We call this one the ✨RAZZLE DAZZLER✨ (yes, you do need to include the caps and sparkles each time you say it).

Guys, there are so many things that are going to go into this blog baby that have literally nothing to do with this shirt, and this is one of those tangents. GUESS WHO GOT A DSLR REMOTE HAIIIIIIII. Now I can take pictures whenever I want, wherever I want, and with whomever I want (aka just me by myself). Also DSLR photos: I need to learn how to take them. Some of these pictures are a wee bit blurry, but I have decided to blame that solely on the majesty of ✨RAZZLE DAZZLER✨. Um, hi totally new blog? It’s me, Natasha.

Anywho, let’s talk about the shirt for a hot minute (this is, of course, a sewing blog). Full disclosh over here, I actually made this shirt in January, even before making my Disneyland Mickey Mouse Archer, so many of my issues with the fit have already been adjusted. This one was made as a size 12 with no alterations to the pattern. Personally, I feel that most of the shirt is too big: the sleeves are too big and too long, the fit droops the shoulder seams down too far, and the neck and the collars are way way too big. Unfortunately, the hips size is almost perfect, and now I know that going down to a smaller size has caused me some bust gaping issues (in the bad way). In the Mickey Archer, I sized down to a 10 and have found that the collar is still too big but the hips, guys these hips of mine. In the end, it is a casual,over-sized shirt, so all of my issues with the fit are moot.
I have thrown around the idea of altering the sleeves of this pattern to the sleeves of the Colette Aster, as I like the fit and style of those sleeves better, so that may be a future project of mine. I will get this pattern down to a TNT. THIS IS A TRUE GOAL OF MINE.

HOWEVER: The truly best part about this shirt is (hold for applause) FLAT-FELLED SEAMS.
Crowd goes wild with admiration.
People start kissing each other in their seats.
A full out flat felled orgy commences

This is the first project were I used flat-felled seams and it was a totally revolutionary experience. Now, as I mentioned #firsttime, so henny’s don’t actually get to see the mess I made on the insides (I have yet to perfect the technique). But man, I am definitely in-love. It is probably my favorite finishing technique up to date. Next up is finding a garment to test out hong-kong seams and then I will be kween of seams.

Oh, PS, if you are wondering how I remember all of this from a make in January, it’s because of my unimaginably handy Colette Sewing Planner. I use it all the time and I absolutely adore having this sort of record for my garments. I have also started inputting the hours that it takes me to sew something which I hope will come in handy when planning future makes. I cannot recommend it enough!

But we all know why you came here right?
1. Obviously because you love me, but much more likely
2. what the FUCK is that fabric Natasha?! LET ME TELL YOU A STORY.

It’s from IKEA. I know, not that much of a story.

For their new home design collections, they are also offering pre-cut rolls of 60″ 100% cotton fabrics. They are not opaque and if held up to a light are quite see-through, but have a good flowey feel. They don’t necessary have a great drape (which you will find out more in my next blog post) but as a casual summer top or a layer-able piece are totally fire emoji 10/10. Also, if I have not already won you over, It is $14.99 for just over 3 yards of fabric. YUP. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. With regards to where it is made, it is Fashion Revolution week after all, IKEA is a tinge vague on this one, but they do say that: “all the cotton in our products comes from more sustainable sources. This means that the cotton is either recycled, or grown with less water, less fertilizers and less pesticides, while increasing profit margins for the farmers.” So, I’m just going to hope and pray that this is correct and people harvesting those materials are treated ok. Don’t let me down, IKEA!
This fabric was from a collection called GRUNTHAL, aka that moment where IKEA went all gothy (aka yes I did purchase everything possible for my witch goth palace house). That collection is now over, but the new one: JASSA, is very india boho chic and is in stores now.

One of the cutesy-patootsie parts of my ✨RAZZLE DAZZLER✨ is the history of the buttons. Here is what they started off looking like.

They were okaaay, but we are talking about Scandinavian grunge over here, and the off-white buttons just didn’t work. Obviously, I was working on this late at night and obviously I couldn’t be fucked to wait for other buttons, when I noticed that Brian was doing some painting of his own outside. So I sneakied my buttons onto his work surface and BLAMO! black buttons. (Full disclosh, I did no sneaking, I just whined and complained at him and he graciously accepted the task. What a guy this Brian is). Now, I always get to have that memory when wearing this shirty shirt. Eat THAT fast fashion.

Ok. Back to the shirt. Like I said, it is a staple. I love it under a black cardigan and tucked into a pair of black pants. Ugh, it’s so goth chic and I just cant get enough. Lucky I have 9 MORE YARDS of this fabric, so henny be making way more #summergoth things this year. But also, don’t stare at it too long. It might make you go blind.

Remember when I had more things to say about the shirt that were barely shirt related? Wondering why it took me so long to blog about a shirt I wear at least once a week? Ready to be finished the hypothetical questions part of the blog? Ok, Fine, jeez.
This shirt, flat-felled seams and all, was used as one of 2 sewn items for my fashion portfolio. After a lot of consideration, deliberation, and discussions with literally anyone who would listen, I have decided that sewing as a passion hobby was not going to be enough for me. When I imagined my future life, it was fashion related and there was just no way of getting out of that. I am a true millennial, all we do is follow our dreams and consistently ask our parents for money. IT IS LITERALLY WHAT WE WERE BORN TO DO. So, with all of that passion and enthusiasm, I spent some time completing a fashion portfolio and submitted it to VCC, a local Vancouver institution of continuing studies.

I! AM! FASHION! FASHIONISMYLIFENOW! EVERYTHING I DOOOOO IS FASSSSHIONNNN. I opted for the part-time program because Vancouver is still real expensive and I still have a mortgage payment every month (sometimes twice a month, lucky me) so I thought part-time would be the best way to forward my life and career and remain off of the streets. But it’s the most fucking real guys. This is legit. Y’all thought I was playing with my little sewing hobby (JK, I know my audience and I know no one thought that). School definitely messes with my work schedule, and I have to make a lot of life changes, including waking up for a 5:30AM morning shift (#pleasekillme) but it’s all to forward my fashion life, so it will be worth it. I have already thought about ways to incorporate my scholarly experience for the blog, and I think the next few years is going to be real cool guys. And, damn, once that google schmoney starts coming in, I will literally be unstoppable. Still waiting on that google schmoney though.

Soooo, yeah, a lot of information relating to a crazy, crazy, shirt. But you loved it all, right?



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