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Guys, it’s another mother freakin’ Friday and let me tell you how excited for that dang weekend I am.
As I am litcherally down to the wire, I am going to finish off #TryPod month with the last installment of my favourite podcasts!
No idea what I am talking about? Jeez, where were you a week ago? I mean, err, go check out the first post here!

True Crime Podcasts (yes, I am one of those people)

Criminal – MURRRDDERRRRRRR. JK, Criminal is actually about all things crime related. Phoebe Judge has a haunting public radio podcast voice that pairs very well with the overwhelming and, at times, melancholic content of this podcast. I love listening to Criminal because, from episode to episode, the topics are hugely different, but always so fascinating in their own right.

Last Podcast on the Left – This podcast is absolute insanity. I am physically outraged when Brian listens to his dumb screaming boy youtube videos without headphones, so it was an absolute mind melt when I started listening and fell in-love with these three psychopaths screaming at one another. Comedian Henry Zebrowski, Actor Ben Kissel, and all around smart guy Marcus Parks just screaming to each other for 2 hour episodes all about murderers, UFO’s, Chaos Magic, and everything else that I am obsessed with. They are absolutely hilarious, but not really for the faint of heart. Actually no, definitely not for the faint of heart.

My Favorite Murder – The one murder podcast that started my entire obsession. I have always been a true crime junkie, but I always kept it to myself. I didn’t think other kids grew up flipping the channel between Kids in the Hall and Exhibit A with Graham Greene BUT IT TURNS OUT there are some of us in the world that did. And by some, I mean thousands and thousands of us. Hosts Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgarif talk about murder with the least amount of facts and the most about of disgust you could imagine. They also talk about cats.

In the Dark – Season one of this podcast was all about the Jason Wetterling case, mostly surrounding how shitty the police were while investigating the kidnap and murder of this young boy. The podcast then branches a bit further out to talk about how shitty police are, in general. If you are a real NWA fan who also can stomach listening to stories about child murder, I imagine you would like this.

Serial – The podcast that everyone knows about , amirite? The first season (aka the only season people cared about #shotsfired #stillistened) was all about Adnan Syed and the mysterious homicide of his high-school girlfriend Hae Min Lee. The podcast dug deep with conspiracy theories, did he or didn’t he moments, and juicy interviews that the world gobbled up. Season two was about the army or whatever (#justkidding #itwasalsogood)

Someone Knows Something – CBC jumped into the true crime podcast game with Someone Knows Something, and has just finished up it’s second season. Investigative Journalist David Ridgen first looked into the case of a missing Ontario boy, Adrien McNaughton, and Season Two is about missing Ontario woman, Sheryl Sheppard. The podcasts are very well researched and recorded, and give you a true feel into what it is like for the families in this missing persons cases. And everyone is so truly melting with Canadiana that, at times, I wondered if I was even Canadian enough to be listening. Oh, and if you are all hurt that both cases are Eastern Canadian, don’t you worry.

Missing and Murdered – This was an 8 part investigative series into the murder of Alberta Williams, an indigenous woman who was found near the Highway of Tears in Northern BC. This podcast not only goes into the crime history, the William’s family, and culture of Price Rupert (where she was found) but also takes a deeper look at the generational impact of Residential schools had on the First Nation’s families in BC and across the country. It fucking sucked guys, and I say that with all of the white guilt I have.

Stranglers – This 12 part series was a deep look into the Boston Strangler murders in the early 1960’s. Here’s a tip: women (and men) DON’T LET ANYONE INTO YOUR FUCKING HOUSE. That is all. (But also this podcast is really good).

Sword and Scale – So, if My Favourite Murder is the true crime podcast you listen to and laugh and laugh and have a great time, Sword and Scale is the literal exact opposite of that. This is a truly horrifying podcast; the cases are absolutely brutal, usually including the actual 911 call, and they almost always make me disgusted with humanity while listening. But, obviously, I’m still listening every second week.

True Crime Garage – Just two dudes in a garage, sipping beers, and talking crime. These guys have great discussions on the cases they research, and very interesting recommended readings if you want to keep the story going after the podcast is over.

Political(ish?) Podcast
The Bugle – I probably could have put this in the comedy podcast category, but I wanted to make you think that I was super #woke and political. Andy Zaltzman and a smattering of guest co-hosts talk about how our entire world is imploding under the dumb chaos that is politics.

Radiolab Presents: More Perfect – This 6 episode series tackles the more interesting cases brought to the US Supreme Court. I know you might be thinking, ‘snooze fest Natasha cmon’ but every single episode was totally riveting. It is a Radio Lab spin-off, so obviously you know it’s super smart for smarty pants smart people.

Sewing/Fashion Podcasts

Fashion Hags – YA BETTER WERK BETCH. Three Vancouver based friends, all whom met in Fashion school, brewing all the tea on fashion. Abby, Katie, and Evan have talked amount a wide variety of fashion related topics, from informative podcasts on their experiences in fashion school and ethical clothing manufacturers to controversial topics like furs and leggings. I’ve mentioned them quite a lot on my blog, you should know this by now, hunties.

Seamwork Radio – Seamwork Magazine, created by Colette Patterns and hosted by Sarai Mitnick, talked to professional sewers and designers about their life and careers in sewing related fields. I loved listening to this podcast because I felt like, every episode, the guest had an experience that I could personally relate with. I particularly loved hearing the story behind Heather of Closet Case Patterns! The show has been on a bit of an hiatus, but I can’t wait to hear more.

Podcasts about Smart Things That Make Me Feel Very Smart
NPR: Invisibilia Podcast – National Public Radio yaaallll. This podcast, hosted by Lulu Miller, Hanna Rosin and Alix Spiegel, is all about crazy shit about your minddd. But for real, it was about the invisible forces that build our human traits and interactions. They had some very interesting episodes that made you sit back and say, ‘hhhmmmmmmm, so this is what smart people think about’.

Making Oprah – YOU GET PODCAST. YOU GET A PODCAST. EVERYBODY GETS A PODDCASSST. This was an NPR moment to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of Oprah’s first television broadcast. It took you from pre-Oprah, to 90’s red wagon Oprah, to the Oprah Oprah we now know and love. Man, I just fucking love Oprah guys.

99% Invisible – This is probably one of my most (poorly) re-quoted podcasts ever. Host Roman Mars and fellow producers take an in-depth look at how design shapes our world and manipulated the way we function in it. Ugh, it’s just so god damn good. The stories are amazing and range in so many different topics. Hands down my absolute most beloved episode is called Structural Integrity and it is all about how a woman literally saved New York from destruction and then became a bad ass mom that was like ‘oh, yeah I did that, whatever’. Roman Mars is a godsend!

Radiolab – Radiolab is like that friend who is ridiculously smart and knows about every single topic at all times. Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, along with a swell of producers, casually chat about all different topics, from politics to science to space and beyond! It is definitely enlightening, and is one of those super produced podcasts that put all other non-super produced podcasts to shame.

Storytelling Podcasts
Love + Radio – Part of the Radiotopia network, this podcast is like eavesdropping on other peoples very private conversations. Very informative, historical, and emotional stories of our world.

The Moth – This podcast is like ted talks, but like, if you actually wanted to listen to ted talks. It’s real people telling real stories, anywhere from overwhelming stories of achievement to hilarious stories about personal failure, all in front of a live audience (and all to win the most coveted story slam awards).

Radio Diaries – this podcast is what you think of when you think true, old-school, radio documentaries. Old audio clips, audio diaries, and oral histories, all weaved together to create fascinating themed episodes.

Risk – Ok, if the Moth is like ted talks but better, Risk is like the Moth just with more stories about penises. These are real people, many without story telling experiences, telling stories you never could imagine someone would want to tell out loud.

Strangers – Lea Thau interviews and relays stories of the real people, and shows that getting to know more about an individual can be a truly broadening experience. There have been some riveting personal stories on here, all of which are like taking a punch in the gut by your emotions (sometimes good, sometimes bad).

DID YOU MAKE IT THIS FAR DOWN? That, my friends, are all of the podcasts I am suggesting to you.
I love them all, and I hope you have found one or two (or every single one) that peaks an interest.
Podcasts are truly one of the best parts of my life, and I hope I can share that with you!
If you think I am missing any, feel free to comment or gimme a shout-out on instagram. I am always up for a new subscription!

Now, back to sewing!



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  1. Heather

    Perfect!! I’m really loving listening to podcasts too. I am almost finished listening to S*Town and it’s soooooo good, but sad too. I think I’ll try that Oprah one next.


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