Project #SewMyStyle: Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings

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Oh hey there, here we are again for another installment of Project #SewMyStyle. Lets! Talk! About! Virginia Leggings!

When I saw that this month was all about leggings, I definitely did have a moment of ‘you mean, the things I buy at Costco for $15 dollars each? What’s the point?’. It even reminded me of a post I did quite a few years ago when I asked myself the same question DIY or Buy: Leggings Edition. BUT GUESS WHAT GUYS, I’m fucking #woke now, and I know those $15 dollars Costco leggings are probably made by a little slave girl in a 3rd world country as the dye slowly turns their water grey.

Don’t worry, I’m super fun to go shopping with.

I have actually made a pair of leggings before, but the material I used was terrible and started to rip at the seams almost immediately.  Because of this nightmare of life, I was always too afraid of a total butt ripping public tragedy and vowed never to make leggings again. Until two weeks ago, that is.

really like this pattern by Megan Nielsen. The previous pair of leggings I made was constructed like a pair of pants, where you had the two front and the two back pieces. It definitely made the leggings look more like pants, but I didn’t enjoy having a seam on the outer side of my legs. Don’t question why, just go with it and move on. These bad boys are just three pattern pieces and are all sewn up with just an inseam and a waist band. These are legit RTW style leggings, and I totally love it.

As I was on my fabric hunt at local haven, Dressew, I was at a bit of a loss in the knits section. I went into the store with a clear goal in mind: charcoal coloured leggings.  Because I spend most of my life in black, sometimes I venture out and taste a bit of the ‘colourful’ life of greys and neutrals. I know, WILD CHILD over here.
But, then, as my fingers glided over the many gorgeous comfortable fabric bolts, I came across this true gem: Nylon Lyrca in black black black. This material reminded me of the American Apparel leggings that I always wanted in high school to complete my super grunge rocker hair metal realness but never bought because I was a little chubby kid and my burgeoning self-confidence could not yet handle shiny black chunky thighs. So, I stood in Dressew, deliberating the potential return of hair metal Natasha for the low low price of $17.99 per metre. I went back over and over again, just to touch the fabric and to imagine me kicking doors down before shrieking into a guitar squeal. It was a tough decision, but like, you all know how this story end, right?

Guyyyyyys, I am in-love with these leggings. I actually made this pair second as to ensure the fit was correct prior to cutting into the more expensive fabric, but I just could not wait to tell you about them. The material is 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex, 100% rock and mother fucking roll. The material is a bit of a heavier weight, similar to swim wear, and was was fairly easy to sew with.  I recently purchased a book on fabrics (as that is my main downfall when starting new sewing projects) and it is already given me a wealth of knowledge. Like, did you know, Lycra/Spandex is part of POWER STRETCH KNITS
* guitar squeal *
* epic drum solo *
* crowd surfing off into the distance *
But also I learned that power stretch knits snag with dull needles or pins, can be washed and dried, and require a nap layout when arranging your pattern pieces (keeping all of you fabric in one direction). Who knew about books, am I right?
Anyways, I am doing a lot of random talking because there isn’t a lot to say about this pattern that isn’t just continual praise. They came together in a snap, I cut a size large and they fit great, and I did not do any alterations. In hindsight, I could probably shorten the legs a few inches as they are created to have wrinkles at the ankles, but I do enjoy a good cuff so we are all good in the hood.

I made two pairs of leggings because, while deliberating becoming Axl Rose, I needed something that was going to actually turn out well enough to put on the blog. Remember that original charcoal leggings plan? I didn’t forget either. This is a dark grey mix Lycra Jersey knit blend and was a delicious $6.99 p/metre. That’s right folks, with the 1.5m of fabric called for in the pattern, these pants come in at just over $10 dollars. TAKE THAT COSTCO (yes, I am fully aware that I am not counting my own labour costs etc yada yada).
This fabric is a little lighter that the spandex, but is very reminiscent of a RTW legging material. You can see in the photo how much fabric is gathered at the ankle for an average 5’6″ human woman. Oh, and let’s just get the record straight bech:
1. I would never, ever go out in public with a half top and leggings, this is for informational purposes. The Fashion Hags would murder me, and I take my honorary hag status very seriously. 
2. Yes obviously I was holding it all in for these photos, what do you think I am? Comfortable in photos or something?
3. No, there was not chance of butt shots for any of this at any time. We are not that close yet.

Also, if you are mucho curiouso, the shirt in these photos is a lengthened Grainline Studio Hemlock Tee in a melange jersey (which, I learned, is just a fancy way of saying ‘multicolored jersey’). It is 92% rayon, 5% poly, 3% spandex, and it feels like wearing heavenly yarn spun from baby clouds.

Final verdict (is this a thing I do on the blog now?) 10/10 would make again. I wore the charcoal pair out all night while gorging my belly full of sushi and tofu and the butt seam is still very intact. I feel like I am in pajamas but I could totally pass for a fully clothed human in public (I do live in lu lu land).
That’s all folks! I hope you liked it. See you again next month where we get backless and shhhhhexxy (and hopefully the sun will show up so I can actually go outside for photos)


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  1. Kerry Lewendon

    Otis and I think they look great! There may or may not have been a pair of leggings in that box from Cor;s. That was the Patterns for Pirates peglegs that I had Zero I mean Nada chance of getting into so you can compare the fit.

    • Natasha

      There was definitely a pair of leggings! I put them on while I went through all of the patterns, and had myself a delightful evening. Haha. Thank you so much!!!

  2. jsholm

    Those leggings look fabulous…as well as my adorable bean and furry grand baby Odiiii!!!!

    • Natasha

      haha, he was being a little nerd, so I had to prop him up so he wouldn’t keep walking in front of the photos!

  3. katiemakesadress

    I for one welcome the return of Hair Metal Natasha. Leggings are rad. So tempted.

  4. katiemakesadress

    Also melange sounds like a sexually transmitted disease.

    • Natasha

      HAHAHAHA. The sexiest of the STI’s.

  5. Asheeeebbooboo

    Would love a pair of hair metal leggings Plz! Also, oti in the last pic, most perfect?


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