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Happy Friday my fellow e-friends. I am going to break away from regular scheduled sewing related blatherings (feel free to laugh at the ‘regularly scheduled’ bit) and talk about one of the most beloved parts of my day/week/life: PODCASTS.

I am an avid listener of podcasts. From the first moment I step outside to take my dog for a walk in the morning to the last minutes of brushing my teeth before bed, it’s always podcast o’clock. Over my years of listening, my weekly subscriptions have grown exponentially and there seems to be no end in sight.

Err, fyi, I guess I should explain what a podcast is; as from what I have been told, some people do not know much about this new cultural phenomenon.
A podcast is an audio broadcast that can be about almost any topic you can think of. Much like rule #34, if you can think of it there is most likely a podcast on that subject. You subscribe to the feed on your app of choice, and the episodes are broadcast daily, weekly, or monthly. Many podcasts are part of a network of like-minded individual with similar themes; my favourite networks are Maximum Fun and Radiotopia, although these are just two in a whole internet of communities.

During the month of March, many of the shows I listen to have been urging people to tell others about the podcasts they listen to in order to increase awareness and gain new followers. So here I go! Here is my actually list of subscribed podcasts, many of which I eagerly anticipate and listen to each week.

Edit: Ok, so it turns out that this post became way too long for one human person to sit and read. I will post the other half of podcasts next Friday as to not overwhelm and/or bore you to death.

Comedy Podcasts About Things

Baby Geniuses – Stand up Comedian Emily Heller and Bo Jack Horseman illustrator Lisa Hanawalt gab about feminism, being woke, Martha Stewart’s horse Banchunch, as well as showcase ridiculous Wikipedia articles and quiz guests on very important topics. They are hilarious and then help keep me #woke in 2017.

Court Appointed – Two dudes, one of which has a wealth of legal knowledge and one who knows a lot about Led Zeppelin, talk about all the crazy shit that happens within the American Justice System.

The Dollop – Comedian Dave Anthony researches an utterly insane topic of (mostly) American History and retells the tale to co-host comedian Gareth Reynolds. Hilarity and WTF moments ensue.

The Flop House – A current writer for the Daily Show, the former head writer of the Daily Show, and a bartender walk into a bar. JK, they actually meet up at a Brooklyn apartment with Popeye’s takeout to watch an utterly terrible bad big-budget movie and then proceed to tear it to shreds. I know there are a lot of other bad movie podcasts out there but this one is truly the best.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me – Three brothers provide advice on the most complex and/or inane questions you could imagine. And yes, I do use the term advice very loosely (it’s basically just goofs and zags for an hour). They also just put out a TV show on Seeso which was an absolute riot and of which I highly recommend.

Oh No Ross and Carrie – Carrie Poppy and Ross Blocher, both whom have had very religious life experiences, explore all sorts of spiritual, fringe science, alternative treatment, and paranormal claims and report back with a scientific and evidence based reporting. They have done everything from juice cleanses to infiltrating Scientology (yeah, you read correctly Scien-motherflippin-tology).

Pop Rocket – Comedian, writer, and now talk-show host Guy Branum hosts a panel of very smart regulars and guest commentators on all things pop culture. The group of four always chats about very interesting books, movies, music, and TV shows, and I always have something new to check out after listening to their episodes. I regularly steal their opinions on things and pretend that they are my own (but don’t tell them that).

Ronna & Beverly – This podcast has literally become one of the reasons I continue to live and breathe. Every second Friday, I am delighted to wake up knowing that these two gals are in my feed. Comedians  Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo have created two middle aged Jewish women with thick Boston accents that have full and extensive histories, families, and relationships. Their interactions with each other, and their hilarious interviews are, sincerely, Jewish heaven itself. Oh, and if you are wondering, I am obviously a Ronna.

Sawbones – Each week, Dr. Sidnee McElroy, a practicing medical doctor, researches the history of medicinal practices and informs us of some truly horrific ways that people were treated throughout the ages. Co-host Justin McElroy is there to give comic relief, and add the disgusted moans and groans that us listeners are also making. Past humans are very dumb and had very dumb ideas. #truefacts

Sooo Many White Guys – More than anything,  I just want to be Phoebe Robinson’s second best friend. I would even settle for third or fourth. In her podcast, she chats with interesting and amazing guests of all races, genders, and talents except for white dudes (which dominate most of the podcast game as it is). This bae is #woke, the bae is life, and I love her enough to put aside her utter and dying devotion to the lamest band in the world: U2.

Stop Podcasting Yourself – The show that started my love of podcasts. Ground zero, but not in that bad way. Comedians Graham Clarke and Dave Shumka, and usually  a special guest, just sit around and talk about things. You can get to know them, chat about Vancouver things, and listen to them make fun of other people. I, er, my tattoos were even mentioned on the show once and I am pretty sure that fact is what I will be putting on my epitaph.

Throwing Shade  – A weekly look into all the shitty things that happen in America and around the world that affect ladies and gays. It is a good thing that Erin and Bryan make life worth living, because the horrible things they profile on this show make me want to shut my curtains and never look outside again. The Throwing Shade team also just wrapped up their show on TV Land, which was amazing for so many reasons, but especially for visual fact on how bouncy Bryan’s shoulders are.

2 Dope Queens – Remember how I couldn’t be Phoebe’s best friend? It is because I wouldn’t want to rock the work wife relationship between Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. Their podcast is all about being independent, confident, woke ass black women in this crazy world of ours. They also showcase a bunch of popular and up-and-coming comedians, all in-front of a live audience.

Holy mother of god, that was just one section. #prayforme

Podcasts About Things
The Allusionist – Master of the English Language, Helen Zaltzman, takes listeners on all sorts of crazy adventures through the facets of the English language. I am pretty sure this podcast has opened me up to so many different ways to say the word penis in a very fancy repartee.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness – Jonathan invites guests to discuss a variety of topics on his show that he has always been curious about. The discussions are light, entertaining, and always end in a yoga handstand of some sort.

Lore – Sometimes, not often mind you, but sometimes, I like to get right spoopy. Lore, created and hosted by Aaron Manhke, recounts some pretty spoopy stories about anything that can cause fear. It is an incredible produced podcast with eerie background music that showcases the creepy stories Aaron tells each week.

Myths and Legends – Writer and host, Jason, reinvents all of the old stories of, you guessed it, myth and legends from a variety of cultures and retells the tales in a wonderfully updated style and diction. Seriously, I read Beowulf not once, but three times in college and I have never understood it more than after listening to Jason’s 3 part series on the ancient text.

Skeptoid – Brian Dunning takes all of those crazy stories you see while scrolling through facebook or gossiped at the water cooler and tells you, as bluntly as possible, that you are wrong and people are idiots. This podcast is where conspiracy theories, alien encounters, and paranormal activities, come to cower under true scientific examination.

Stuff You Should Know – Twice a week, Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark talk about something. Dare I say, almost anything. I think they are topping 1000 episodes in the next month or two so I do mean it when I say anything. They provide a wealth of knowledge and facts through casual conversations, and always manage to throw in at least one Simpsons reference (Josh always finds a way).

This American Life – Probably one of the most popular podcasts out there. A weekly dive into modern journalism through human interest stories, social, and political issues. This is one of the few podcasts where I dove into the back-catalog because I just couldn’t get enough Ira Glass in my life.

Under the Influence – I started to listen to Terry O’Reilly’s marketing podcast after binge watching all of the seasons of Mad Men and desperately needing more. I have found myself blurting out information from this podcast over and over again because marketing is soooo messed up. Like, did you know that your morning coffee break from work was invented by coffee companies to sell more coffee? Or that the woman who invented Mother’s day fought against it until the day she died? Marketing is fucking crazy guys and Terry tells you all the secret deets.

You Must Remember This – Old Hollywood glam REALNESS. Karina Longworth goes deep into all of the stories of Old Hollywood and showcases the decadence (and I do mean that in the bad way) and darkness of Hollywood’s burgeoning years. Through her various seasons, Karina talks about individual actors and actresses with themes that pertain to the era or the cultural happenings of the time. This podcast is most definitely binge inducing, especially the Charles Manson and MGM seasons.

OK. Come back next week, as this is literally only half of the podcasts I want to tell you about! I still have true crime, smarty-pants podcasts, fashion and food related podcasts. HOT DIGGITY DOG!



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