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Blog fam! It’s the end of February already! How the heck did that happen?
It’s time for the second installment of my 12 part series ‘Better Know A Garment’: THE FIGHTIN’ SECOND.
This month brings you Named Clothing‘s Saunio Cardigan.


First things first, did I spend most of the month continually questioning  why they would name the cardigan after the Hello Kitty company? Obviously yes. DON’T JUDGE ME PEOPLE. I do know how to read almost all of the time. 
I was actually very excited about the idea of making a new cardigan for myself because that part of my wardrobe is severely lacking. I have one (read ONE) black American Apparel unisex cardigan that I purchased in high school that has traveled the long road with me into 2017. Now, I am not going to casually drop how long ago high school was for me, but let’s just imagine that this particular sweater deserves to go to the farm upstate where all of our old pets are sent. So, when I discovered February was all about the cardigan, I breathed a sigh of relief that I would finally be able to embrace a new casual wardrobe staple. However, then I saw the product shots.


The fabric and the overall idea is gorgina, but I feared that silhouette would not be Natasha friendly.  Because of this, I chose a very cheap fabric as to make a wearable muslin for this pattern. To be wholeheartedly honest, I continued to be leery about this piece through construction, past completion, and even into the first few times I wore it. I didn’t think it would become a staple. However, it really does not wear like the original product shots and has ultimately turned out to be a great piece.


I am into that #PDFpattern life and, heads up, this was probably the most time consuming pattern I have every printed and taped together. Not necessary because of extraneous difficulty, however all of the pieces are layered over-top of another causing your mind brain to think about what you are doing (instead of casually cutting out shapes while Netflix binging). Having excess tracing paper or, in my case, parchment paper in a pinch, is necessary as you will have to trace out a few of the pieces that are layered in. Not difficult, just a new experience to what I am used to.

For the fabric, I used a black ponte fleece purchased at Fabricana for the low low price of $9.95 per meter. As confided in my previous #SewMyStyle post, I wanted to stay with more natural fibres for the everyday pieces in my wardrobe, but the price and the uncertainty  of the garment made me choose polyester. THEY MADE ME DO IT. She’s 75% polyester with 20% rayon and 5% spandex; definitely a bit of stretch, but still weighty enough to hold a shape. As the sizes are grouped, I went with the 6-10 size grouping and hoped for the best. I imagine it is not as ‘over-sized and relaxed’ as it could be (or was created to be), but I like the fit for this particular piece. That being said, I am very into the idea is a little looser and longer Saunio in a thicker material, a la a Coatigan as suggested by Emily of Self Assembly Required. The coatigan is my new life. #coatiganislife


Because I am an impatient idiot, and due to the indifference I had for the garment during construction, I didn’t wait to go get interfacing for the front facing pieces prior to completing it. At the time, I deduced that it would not be necessary as I would never wear it, you see. Y’all know, when you’re staring at a garment that you are almost positive that you are not going to wear so you just power through instead of actually sticking to the rules. Oh, no? You are all actually competent and follow through with the directions as they are listed? Oh, ah ok. I see how it is.


Annnnyways, that interfacing would have made my facing pieces look quite a bit better in the overall scheme of things, but at least I know that for next time. I really like the weight and the feel of the ponte knit, but I don’t really like how it rolled my facings at the seam lines. I am also not too keen with the way the stitching line looks on the front pieces, but I imagine if I did a longer stitch length they would not be as puckered. #learning. Luckily, those stitch lines get hidden in the ‘lapels’ most of the time. Finally, I found this with my Toaster sweater material as well, but my serged edges in the armsythes look and feel big and bulky and I just do not understand why. I imagine I could probably fix that on my serger settings somehow. I BET THERE ARE A LOT OF THINGS I COULD PROBABLY FIX BY READING THE INSTRUCTIONS IN LIFE.

I don’t know if you care to see what the back look like, but jokes on you: I don’t have any of those pictures. Otis decided he was waiting TOO LONG during these photos and wanted to leave the hallway aka my photo studio IMMEDIATELY.


That’s it! Next month is leggings, so get ready for allllllllll of the Olivia Newton John style butt shots.




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  1. craftysewandsewindorset

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to get brain ache trying to sort out the pdf pattern and tracing. I am new to pdf’s but grown to like the instant print and cut, knowing I can reprint if I need another size. Not so for this pattern. You’ve convinced me to go for a plain black one next, looks great x

    • Natasha

      Yay! Thanks so much. That is the exact reason why I prefer PDF’s, just in case I need to go back and change my size, it isn’t life ending!

  2. Sewing for Cat People

    You had…one….cardigan…? As someone who LIVES in cardigans (I buy several in the same colour, I don’t even know how many I have anymore) I’m flummoxed as to what you wore? Was it jumpers, but then how do you show off your pretty tops and dresses????
    I think your cardigan is lovely and the right combination of dressy casual!

    • Natasha

      hahahahahHAHA! I know how you feel! I used to be a cardigan kweeeen. True facts I have other colours of cardigans, just not a black one. DON’T TELL ANYONE!

      • Sewing for Cat People

        That makes more sense (I don’t own a black one either!), I was just trying to imagine life without cardigans!

        • Natasha

          What a truly terrible, terrible life that would be! haha.


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