DISNEYLAND (In a Grainline Studio Archer)

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Guys, I went to Disneyland and I made a very themed shirt for it.


My family and I had been planning a trip to Disneyland for quite a few months and from the inception of the plan, I knew that I wanted to make my own Disney shirt to wear around the park (like the true P-I-M-P that I am). Considering that I would be working with with quilting cottons (could you imagine a mickey print on a luscious rayon in the retail world? yas lawd), I thought the Grainline Studio Archer button-up would be absolutely tops for this top.

After scouring the local fabrics stores for a viable print (like, obvs I wanted to be Disney AF, but also needed to be the total fashionista that I pretend to be on a daily basis), Shauna and I stumbled upon this dream of a vintage-ish Disney print at Vancouver mecca, Dressew. Hi hunny! Come with me!

Unfortunatamente*, after the ghastly discovery that there was only 1.7m left of the fabric, I knew some changes were going to be made. Short sleeves it is! Who needs long sleeves in February, amirite?! I had this ingenious plan of swapping out the Archer’s long sleeves with the Colette Aster’s short sleeves and cuffs, and I was going to rock some armsythe alterations and wear the measuring tape around my neck and be like ‘I AM FASHION. I AM DESIGNER’. Truly, it was going to be great.
*this is not a word, but  oh my is it fun to say in a bad Italian accent.


MOTHU FUCKIN’ PATTERN MATCHING. I knew that I should needed to pattern match, but I did not know the desperate measures that would need to be taken in order to get an actual clean match on the 2 front pieces and the button band. That was a fun and interesting (read: terrifying and stressful) evening of cutting, cursing, sobbing, and re positioning like a god damn puzzle piece master. With those mamos busting up the shirt a bit in this photo, it is a little hard to tell but the pattern matching gods were truly smiling down on me for the front of this shirt. Like, I BET YOU DIDN’T EVEN SEE THE POCKET, RIGHT?
(If you did see a pocket, please lie to me)
However, with all of the time and stress I put into pattern matching, I neglected to realize that those sleeves that I was going to cut out disappeared in the desperate attempts for perfection. Sleeves? Who needs sleeves in February?! California is hot all the time every day of the year, right! Good, glad that is settled.

PS. If you are wondering, I SHOULD have used the hack that Jenn posted for the sleeveless Archer, but remembered it a bit too late and ended up fitting the sleeves it quite literally while on my body. I also really hacked the yoke adjustment she suggests in the blog post construction, but I totally see why it needs to be done. I really like the look and fit of the arm holes and would totally recommend hitting up Jenn’s tips (especially that yoke adjustment) prior to cutting the pattern out. Or, you know, just buy the sleeveless Alder pattern (duh).


Without sleeves and cuffs, the shirt comes together pretty quickly. This year, I am experimenting with new construction techniques, and this was the second time I constructed using flat-felled seams. For real though, flat-felled juuuust makes a garment look amazing. It is totally worth the extra effort for a beautiful inside.
This will be the 4th Archer I have made, and for this one I ended up sizing down from my previous makes and adding 1″ to the length. I am not really that tall (5’6″ is what I have been lying to myself for most of my life) but I really do love that added length in my shirt. Maybe I just have a weird long body and tiny legs (#everybodyisbeautiful). You can’t tell in these photos, but I think the neck and collar are still a bit too big for my weirdly tiny neck (#everybodyisbeautiful). However, I definitely will not size the whole pattern down because these hips are not lying when they tell me I cannot go any smaller (#everybodyisbeautiful).


I am totally pumped about this shirt. Real talk though, it just so happened that within my first hour on my first day in Disneyland, one of the boob adjacent buttons popped off, but I am chalking that one on shotty sewing machine workmanship (damn you, Husqvarna!) and nothing to do with me. I am perfect, yaaaall, duuuuh.
PS. weird thing about me: I don’t ever say y’all in real life, but you would never actually know that from my blog.

If you are wondering, the mural I am standing in front of is actually not in Disneyland, but it is close to it. It was created by a bad-ass Anaheim based illustrator named Sara M Lyons and I walked/made Brian walk our tired-ass feet to go take pictures of it/infront of it.

NOW! As a reward for reading this far, here are some pictures from my trip! Also, do you want to know my top tips for visiting Disneyland?! Sure, I’m a travel blogger now too. JUST WATCH ME GO!


  1. Don’t ever, ever go in the summertime. We went in February, when it was supposed to be the most dead, and it was still way busier than I expected. Even with no people, they still have all of the ropes and ties up for when the line ups are extravagant and I could literally not even imagine being in Disneyland if there was enough people to fill up the actual line queues.
  2. If you only have to spend a max of 20 minutes in ride line-ups (through the aforementioned level of people, smart planning, and fast pass realness) you can do everything in Disneyland in two days. Now, those will be long ass days and your feet will be in severe shock, but you can do it. p_20170214_150150_vhdr_auto
  3. Don’t pretend that you can experience all of Disneyland AND also have money. You either have a blast and eat all of the mouse-shaped food and obliterate your credit card OR you save money and you watch all of the other people eating $7.00CAD pretzels and ENJOYING THEIR MOTHER FLIPPING LIFE (ps. the Matterhorn macaroon is one of the greatest things ever created on this planet. Also, don’t shade the BB8 rice-krispy treat just because it is prepackaged, it is actually amazing).
  4. Final, and most important part of Disneyland: IT IS WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE. Eat all of the food, ride all of the rides, go into every gift shop and then by all of the things you want. Who the fuck cares, we all need to be KWEENS sometimes.


On a completely unrelated note: please don’t judge me by my terrible lack of blog posts. I promise I am really doing great things. When it comes to sitting down and actually blogging, I am just a good person who truly cannot say no to Netflix binges.






  1. Kerry Lewendon

    Pockets? I had to search to find the buttons! Welcome home Disney princess. Cor has your loot bag

    • Natasha

      OH! MY! GOD! What a loot bag it is!

  2. katiemakesadress

    Pattern matching: mint. Totally did not see the pocket. That’s some next level shit.

    • Natasha

      Yay! You should have seen the sneaky sub-par sewing techniques I pulled off in order to get that matching done. But also, you shouldn’t see that because no one ever will ever know ever.

  3. Paige @ Lux Per Diem

    I didn’t notice the pocket! Super awesome job, I’m terrible at pattern matching. I used to be Livejournal friends with Sara! She’s super sweet and talented.

    • Natasha

      WHAT! That is totally ballin’! I love her stuff. Also, thanks!! 😀 Pattern matching sucks real bad, but the final result is worth it fo shooo!

  4. heatherandthepugs

    I’ve only been to Disneyland once, and it was amazing!! I love your shirt – absolutely perfect!

    • Natasha

      Thanks Heather! I CANNOT RECOMMEND DISNEYLAND ENOUGH. It is a total blast! Especially when you Calgarians are in the cold snow for most of the winter time ❄️⛄❄️


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