Project #SewMyStyle: Toaster Sweater 2

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ohh haii bb’s.
Are you rruuuuueeedddddaayyy to READ A BLOGGGG?!
numerous air horns
adoring crowds cheering wildly 
record breaking link clicks

….guys, I think I may have gone a bit overboard on the home alone binge watching Netflix extravaganza which was this weekend.

If you recall from a few posts ago, I am taking part in Project Sew My Style and January is all about Sewhouse 7‘s Toaster Sweater 2.


Soooo, you know when you take pictures and in the moment you think they are absolutely amazing and perfect, and then you upload them and look back and you are all like whhhyyyeeeee? I am definitely having a lot of that right now. Anyways, personal anxieties aside, I am legit obsessed with this sweater.

The Toaster sweater is a cropped loose fitting pullover sweater with side vents and mitered corner hems. Also, one of the main design elements of the #2 sweater is the funnel neck.
Now, me gusta a nice cowl neck over here, however I was quite unsure about the funnel neck element when I first looked at this pattern. Having never worked with such a design before, I had some hella reservations about it during the construction (feel free to look back a few pics in my insta feed for more deets). However, after finally sewing down the neck facings to the shoulder seams, and fiddling with the fit in the mirror for a few minutes, I must say that I am totally d-o-w-n for funnel town up in this bitch.

I am very head over butts with the cropped split hem of this sweater. As you OG readers may remember, I am ever so desperately trying to get into that #croptop life, and this sweater is a good initiation into that style. Also, by using a fabric that is a bit dressier, this pattern can totally be jazzed up to more than just a casual sweater. With the right pants, this lady could totally be an “I’m already 10 minutes late for work but at least I look totally business casual AF RN”. Obviously, I will just always wear it with jeans because  y’aaaaalll if I am not going to stop and brush my hair,  I highly doubt dress pants are going to work to class me up.


The fabric used was purchased at Fabricana in Coquitlam. She’s named Ravello and I am obsessed with her. However, fun story:
After listening to my favorite hags talk about how they would never work with polyester again, I went into the fabric store all high and mighty on the ‘fuck polyester’ horse. I darted through the bolts of fabric, becoming more and more distraught that everything I loved was made with the Evil P and everything that was poopoo brown or a limpy weight was 100% cotton. Ultimately,  I had to dismount that high horse and hit up that poly lifestyle. Luckily, this fabric was only $11.98 p/metre, so abandoning my morals came at a severely preferred discount. The fabric is 94% polyester and 6% spandex. Ayyyyeee Papiiieeee, I know. At least it’s not 100% polyester, right? RIGHT?

PS. I just binge watched the entire season of One Day at a Time on Netflix so I everything I say right now has a thick Rita Moreno fake Spanish accent.

Anyways, after some research online, I saw that polyester is machine washable, and unfortunately it does end up making a pretty cute freaking shirt, amirite? I made the pattern in large, however I think I may size down in future makes. The determined sewist may see that my arymsthye and shoulders are a bit too big, and the arm length is definitely longer than needed for my apparently tiny baby arms. AM I A T-REX OVER HERE?


So, back to my anxieties and bringing you in WAY deep behind the curtain, do you love the beautiful and very realistic forest I am in right now? LOLOLOL JKJKJK.
I thought this part of my apartment building would be amazing for photos, but instead it is amazing for showing you literally exactly  where I live. Like, actual cross-street signs outside of my home. Bech, you know I listen to way too many murder podcasts as it is, soooOOoOOooO instead of leading the entire internet to my house so I can get BTK’ed in my apartment in a cute polyester funnel neck sweater, I harnessed the power of my amazing photoshop skills and made myself a Twilight sub plot character. But for real, you came here to read about a shirt, right? Let’s get back to that.

I am going to throw it at you straight, folks, mamacita is very into this pattern. It has totally got me jazzed about the other 11 project garments, as this one turned out way better than I could have imagined. Pre #sewmystyle Natasha would not have ever chosen this pattern, as it is outside of my usual personal ‘style’, however I am so glad that I have this bebe in my life now. As many have said, it is a very easy garment to construct and comes together really quickly. I actually have already planned to make a second one from a sheer summer knit and maybe another heavier one for colder days with a few added inches of length.


Also, here is a picture of a cute dog, and photographic proof to back up that ‘hair brushing’ statement from earlier.
That’s it for January’s make. ON TO THE NEXT ONE.





  1. jsholm

    Love the blog…+ the pattern & fabric….sign me up for first dibs on this sweater!!! 9 days cant wait to see your beautiful face!!!

    • Natasha

      Thanks mama! I will make you one!

  2. heatherandthepugs

    So cute Natasha!!

    • Natasha

      Thanks so much Heather!

    • Natasha

      I totally recommend it! I love my toaster. 🙂


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