Re-Fashioned: A Red Moment

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Oh haiii bbs!
Are you ready for a tale of late night online shopping disasters turned into magic turned into meeting CELEBRITIES?! Well, then buckle your butts, because I do ever have a story for you.

Last year, my mother-in-law told me this crazy story about her trying to purchase some items from some crazy retailer online. She had ordered a flowing, hippy-chic, summer dress months and months prior and had never received any of the spoils of her online adventures. Suddenly, after forgetting that this e-binge had ever happened, she received a red linen monster of a garment. She obviously complained and it was obviously more cost effective for the store to send her a new garment rather than to pay for it to be shipped back (like god daang, just imagine how much the company paid/how little the garment workers were paid!!) so she got to keep this truly hideous dress. In an effort to cleanse herself of this monstrosity, she gave it to me to see if there was anything that I could do with it. And, if you know anything about me, it is that I am always up for a ridiculous challenge*
*just kidding, that is absolutely not me at all.


LAWD IN HEAVEN, look at this thing. It was a single pullover dress in a medium weight linen (I am guessing?), with the sides connected to the skirt and a front bodice that was folded over to add that billowing effect in the front. Oh, and yeauuup, it also had bell sleeves. Who could even with this dress?! But, there was hope! Being that it was a lot of useable fabric, I knew that I could fish something from the wreckage. The sleeves had to go, but I was thinking maybe some sort of billowing sleeveless dress moment would work for this piece.
WELP. Taking that god dam bodice off was an utter catastrophe, and I was left with this frightful sad sob story.


Whyeee, Chinese pattern designer, whyeee?! After cutting off all of that excess fabric on the sides, I was left with a pretty short crop top situation. Now, y’all know that I loves me some crop top action, but I am in no place/body/mental state to pull one off in my daily life. I had to figure out a way to fix that little issues in order to take this to the sleeveless top that I now had in my mind.
I just so happened to have a stash of black linen lying around, desperately waiting to be used, so I decided to rock a hard colour block for this bad boy. I like red, I like black, black likes red, red loves black; I imagined it would all go together just swell.

Once I had taken off the sleeves and attached the bottom black piece, the shirt ended up looking like a giant boxy mess. Again, I do love me a boxy silhouette, but on my body it just was not working. PS. I know I am doing a lot of body shaming right now, but all of these decisions were made by June 2016 Natasha, but now I am #woke 2017 Natasha and am totally aware that my body is a temple obvs. #Woke 2017 Natasha, however, also still to this day cannot truly pull off a crop top in jeans, and it is my own burden to bear.

In order to alter the rectangular bodice shape, I did a bit of last minute tszuj-ing and added some black straps to the shoulders to cinch them in a bit. Also, let’s just speak for a minute on how many google searches I had to do to find the correct spelling of tszuj-ing although guaranteed I have used it on this freaking blog before.


The skirt alteration was crazy easy. After cutting it away from the bodice, I folded the top over to create an elastic pocket and ran my 1″ elastic through it. Now, in 20/20 hindsight, I wish that I had used a bigger elastic, as this one has the tendency to roll over and drive me insane, but I guess that is what learning is all about, amirite? After I sewed the elastic into it’s home, I spread out the gathers along the shirt and that was it! A very simple hack.


There you go! A whole new outfit out of what some would throw away. REFASHION IS LIFE! DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY EVER! KEEP EVERYTHING ALWAYS JUST IN CASE ONE DAY IN THE DISTANT FUTURE YOU CAN REUSE IT AGAIN. My very minimalist and anti-hoarder mother just shuddered after reading that sentence I KNOW IT.
Also, like just a little photo FYI FAQ, I do actually smile. It just so happens that my husband can only catch the fraction of a millisecond between when my face changes from ‘yay this is a blog picture’ to ‘what the actual fuck are you even doing behind the god damn camera’. Don’t worry, we totally love each other (almost all the time).

Do you want a little side-by-side action? Yeah you do!


Such shape wow. Very taste. Much love fabric.

In all honesty, I don’t regular wear these pieces together, I usually rock the shirt with jeans for a casual but cool work look. For the skirt, however, I’ll bust that out if I am trying to pull of my #croptop lifestyle. LIKE I DID. IN! THIS! PICTURE!


That’s right people, boil the kettle. This henny had all the tea and allll the shade.

Alright fam. Was that fun? I doubt it was truly informative if you came to this looking for a sewing blog. Was this entire post just a long con into making you aware that I went to the Throwing Shade Live Podcast? Probably. Did it work and you are still reading? haha sucker.



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  1. ellecashmoney

    Daaaayummmm gurl! Yer good!! xxoo

  2. Paige @ Very Paige

    I love skirt and crop top sets. They’re so versatile and have been on my sewing list for awhile, but I’m lazy as hell- so I’m glad to see it worked out for you, even as a refashion!

    • Natasha

      DOOO IT! I highly recommend the skit/crop set. Now, I am just desperately awaiting the summer time so I can actually wear them. haha!


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