Oh shit, it’s #2017

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Did you think I died? Went missing? Was never to blog again?! Where the sweet jimmies have I been?! I’ve been gone so long, there could almost even been a true-crime netflix documentary about me.
Ok. That may have gone a bit too far. Or been a very morose comment for the people who, unlike me, do not obsessively consume true-crime media (where my murderino’s at?!)


So, first things first: I am so so super sorry for the literal month of radio blog silence. Over December, I rocked a whole lot of family hangs,  managed to squeeze a birthday and two Christmas celebrations, and a whooollle bunch of netflix ‘n doing absolutely nothing.  I definitely carried around a tinge of the old ‘uhhh Natasha, you idiot, you should be maintaining your blog’ guilt, but then I also spent an actual real and full human day re-watching the entire season of Stranger Things, so I guess ‘guilt’ thing isn’t something that works great to motivate me.

However, it’s 2017 now (err…well it has been for 9 days) and I gots to get some shit done!

Last year, after exchanging a few emails and social meed’s with Meg and Katie at Colette HQ (which * at the time * seemed super fun and cute but looking back was actually just me maniacally screaming ‘HOW CAN I BE YOU?!’ into an email thread) I was lucky enough to be a recipient of some ballin’ sewing related enamel pins as a well as the new Colette sewing planner. Ummmm hiiiiieeeeee amazing e-friends, my obsession with making to-do lists, doodling in books, and making promises that I don’t keep WILL KEEP in cute stationary is encapsulated in this gorgeous little book! 2017 means a new me and a brand spanking new sewing planner.
Also, I am basically in love with the idea of old gray haired Iris-esque fashion designer Natasha going back to my old yearly sewing planners to be like ‘oh yes, I do remember when I though that was a good idea yeassssss quite chip chip ol’ chap’ (I obviously have an English accent in the twilight of my years).

PS. please disregard the black dog hairs that just are my life. Photography skills, that will be a 2017 thing.


Quite a lot of planing for my Spring and Summer 2017 sewing projects! Obviously, I have 6 patterns that I have signed up to create with the Sew My Style project, but I also need to start adding basics into my wardrobe and those combined consume most of my spring and summer makes. Archers, obvs, day-to-day shirts, yup, simple skirts and more casual dresses, uh huh hunty.

Goals wise: because so many of the currently planned garments are knits, I definitely need to step up my game and learn more about the different fabric, makes and properties, and all of that kind of fun more sciency ‘actual garment construction knowledge’ stuff. I also need to have a real heart-to-heart with my serger to learn how it is actually supposed to work instead of the horrible way I have been treating her with my ignorance these past few years. Considering the amount of shirts, I will also have to work on my setting in sleeves techniques, and shy away from the ‘uhhh yea it looks fine with these gathering puckers’ mentality of my former self. Dzang blog fam, how am I going to do all of this in 6 months?!

I also need to start working on that fashion portfolio that I complained about late last year. I haven’t really started giving it my all, and it is truly just nerves and fear of failure that is holding me back. Not being the #1 best at something I have never done before is the thing that always holds me back in life, bbbuuuttt you know, I’ll get there my boo’s, don’t you worry.

BUT LIKE ALSO, I’ve been up to other things guuyyyyyyssssss! And I will be on that shit: 2017, year of the blog posts amirite?! I cancelled Christmas presents this year, but still managed to sneak in a few small gifts for my fam, worked on a few projects with friends and for friends, and have some sneaky quilting project to tackle in the first few months of this year. I (err..halfheartedly) promise you readers, you won’t even REMEMBER that I failed you for one whole month straight. You be all like ‘fuuuuuuuck why wont she stop posting things already gaaawwwdddd’.

But also, like for realzies, thanks for sticking around and following me and being a really amazing thing to look forward to each day/week/month. The e-sewing community is so fun and awesome (and also sometimes intimidating and most times jealousy inducing) and I am glad to be a part of it!

Speaking of thattttttt, I actually have something supes cute to talk about, so I am going to make this a two part-er. See you back here in a bit!





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