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Bech, you know I was into this the second you saw it around the blogisphere, right? If not, do you even know who I am even?
Ok, let’s back up!

As I was strolling through my blog feed, Emily from Self Assembly Required posted about this thing that she was now a part of, Project #SewMyStyle. Always wanting to add more to the insurmountable list of projects to complete, I clicked on with abated breath.
Project #SewMyStyle was created by Alex from Bluebird Fabric, and she is 100% baller because of this:

untitledOK, so I may have gone a bit too hard on that emoji game, but what it says is “As Bluebird Fabrics grows, more and more attention will be paid to the ethical aspects of cotton production. In particular, we look forward to working with local fabric-producing co-operatives in disadvantaged communities”. This henny is all about that ethically sustainable lifestyle and I am giving 1000 angels high fives in her direction for that.

Alex created this global proposition to encourage all sewers out there to create a capsule wardrobe of clothes that can be good for you, good for the environment, and good for your wardrobe by raising awareness to the slow fashion movement. And you get some cash discounts on patterns. THIS IS EXACTLY EVERYTHING I NEED IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!
Unfortunately (as I am basically late with everything in my life right now) the official sign-up is now over. However, you can still follow along if you have already purchased the patterns, or just rock that sewing schedule at your own pace.
Processed with MOLDIVFor each month, everyone is encouraged to sew a specific pattern by an indie pattern company and share the final garment on their social medias. The patterns look gorgeous, and many are designs that I have been eyeing for a while and just haven’t committed to just yet. Ain’t nothing like a kick in the e-butt to get you started though, right?

In addition to being a total bad-ass project in itself, I am upping the guidelines for all of my garments to create an additional personal skill-building assignment for my capsule collection. Although I spend a lot of my time in solids and muted colours, many of the clothes that you have seen on this blog are big and bold and patterned due to my inability to say no to cute flowers or dog faces (or anything by Cotton + Steel really). However, as my handmade wardrobe grows and the amount of RTW clothing I own decreases, I really need to start thinking about what I chose to wear day-to-day and make those adjustments in my future wardrobe. Statement pieces are necessary, but they are not what I go to for casual, everyday wear. Thusly, for this series of garments, I am banning all prints and sticking to a strict colour palette to ensure that these garments will look fabulous in any season and through any change in my personal wardrobe styling. Does that mean everything will be black? Yeah, probably, but how else am I going to live out my #truewitch lifestyle goals?!

Let’s get moody! Here are some colours and fabrics I would love to work with through my #SewMyStyle year.


All fabric swatches are from Blackbird Fabrics, located in Vancouver, BC! Check out this amazing collection of fabrics on the Blackbird Fabrics Website.

Sooo, I just googled ‘moody clothing’ to see if I could get some runway inspo, and I got a hot pic of the ol’ Duchovny soooooo yeah basically that is exactly what I am going for, right?

So, I guess I will see you back here in January for my Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater!
Check ya later babiessssssssssssssssssss.






  1. Katie Writes Stuff

    Best of luck with avoiding prints! I keep promising I’ll do that and now I find I have no choice but to embrace the print-with-print trend because that’s all I have.

    It sounds like a great project.

    • Natasha

      haha! Oh man, I feeeeelll that pain so bad. Hopefully, I can stick to it!

  2. babybondaproductions

    I signed up! My goal is to use upcycled material each month for the garments.

  3. Netochka

    Moody clothing = naked!

    I got a bit excited about this, but decided against taking part in this project. Some of the patterns (mostly tops) will look horrid on my physique, and that jacket option looks light years more advanced than the others, and really doesn’t look like anything I would wear in a million years. I will never rock a millenenial midi look. Sowwy.

    I look forward to seeing what you make of it with your palette goals, a brava idea. Go for it!



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