Natasha Presents: Bye October, Hi November!

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I don’t know why I am even telling you this (you can’t see me), but I am going to attempt to write this blog  AND watch the 2004 True Crime documentary The Staircase AND eat a soy pudding cup all while sitting on the couch with an old jenky laptop. This is true heroism, folks.


What an excellent month this has been for the!

This month I became a contributor to The Monthly Stitch with my Vintage Vogue V8811, rocked another Colette Patterns Aster, took an Indigo Dye workshop, and finally blogged about my Nocturne Under the Stars Quilt Top! Man, look at those pics; October was da ba de da ba dai all blue up in here. Who knew?!


I also did a bit of non-blogged sewing, including making this ballin’ faux-Linden so Otis and I could have matching sweaters (yup #noshame) and did some Friday night Prosecco-fuelled DIY fashion design to create this super sexy cropped bolero jacket for my lovely friend’s sexy bird Halloween costume. I wish I would have taken a before shot, but (in all honestly) neither of us actually thought this would turn out as fabulous as it did (note: the ruffled sleeves were already there, I am not that good at fashion).

This month, three AAH-MAUUZING internet related things happened to my face and body and blog. Colette Patterns Insta reblogged my Aster because it was getting close to halloween and they needed those #truewitch vibes on their soch meeds. Gosh, the ladies at Colette are just perfect (we will get into that later).
Also, THE HAGS! The Hags talked about me! You all better be listening to the Fashion Hags Podcast by now (I already told you about it so long ago duuuhh). This podcast is a god-dang hilarious conversation between three fabulous friends that talk all things (but never just limited to) fashion. As the listener, you get to be the silent 4th friend that no one ever talks to and that never gets to reply. BUT ALSO LISTEN BECAUSE THEY LOVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Ok, well no-one said love, but Abby and Evan totally mentioned my blog baby in their most recent podcast. However, I don’t even really need to tell you because you already know this because you already listen to the podcast, right? Right good, glad that is settled.

Ok, third thing, which like totally blew my brains right through my eyeballs was this most amazing package I received in the mail. It’s the new Colette Sewing Planner!! YASSS KWEEEEENNNSSS YAAAASSS #YKY #YKY #YKY. I am sewwwwwwww excited! Like, oh man, the whole Colette Team are lovely and wonderful  ladies (and a few dudes) but Katie and Meg are exactly what you dream the most badass bitches in the Pacific North Fresh would be like. For real, I got this package and read the note and I was all like ‘how fast can I quit my job and move to Portland and own goats in the suburbs and eat Blue Star doughnuts every day ok cool right now? great thanks byeee’. Thank you so much Katie! I cannot wait to plan all of my 2017 makes (my stationary OCD prevents me from starting it so close to the end of a year).



Solange’s A Seat at the Table is just, uggghhhhhhhnnnhhhhhhnnnhhhhhyaaaaaaassssaaaahhhhhh. If you have listened to it, you know exactly what I mean and if you have not listened to it what the actual fuck are you doing with your life. Not only do we have this most amazing record, we also have Phoebe Robinson’s Don’t Touch My Hair which is freaking hilarious and amazing and totally worth buying and reading 1000 times over again. Like, of course I read Phoebe’s Don’t Touch my Hair while listening to Solange’s Don’t Touch my Hair and wearing a Beyonce T-Shirt and then remembered I am a chubby hwhwhwhite woman from the Prairies in Canada, but like, whatever I’m cool too ok? yeaup!

So, at the beginning of October, I was totally obsessed with Yoga with Adriene‘s 30 day Yoga Camp. But, in true Natasha fashion, bich you know I got to day 3 of yoga camp and then proceeded flunk out of a free, online, do-it-yourself yoga course and instead ate every piece of halloween candy that was produced this year on this planet earth. So, yeah #maybenextmonth

Schitt’s Creek. Guys, have you watched this show yet? It is absolutely hilarious and I beg of you to drop everything and watch both seasons immediately. Also, Daniel Levy, can we just take one second to discuss? Discussion: dreams are real and looking at him reminds me that olympian gods live on earth. Conclusion: that is all.

What else am I obsessed with?  Renovations. Brian, my parents and I have started a small-turned-medium renovation in my kitchen. It is going to look great and I am so freaking excited to see it all completed, but giiiiiiirrrrrrl this #HGTV life is pretty cray cray sometimes. I’ll obviously have a more detailed blog post in the future, like, chamon who do you think I am?!


I loved Megan Jane‘s Silvia Coatigan by Schnittchen Patterns. Come on now, this coat looks like a total dream and I wants its! Also, the Nehalem Pants by Sew House Seven, I love the fabric choices in the photos posted by Megret79. I don’t particularly think if I could pull them off, but I do love that whole look with the blazer and that fierce top bun. ALERT there is a skirt version of the Nehalem pant and they will be mine. I think I just got even more obsessed. Also, so yeah, I may get style ideas from watching my favourite people on Tastemade Discover, WHAT’S IT TO YOU?! Jen from Just Eat Life is killing it with this green and blue plaid with orange skirt and I totally want my own. I’m thinking a Grainline Studio Archer with a Colette Patterns Zinnia skirt. Yep! Love it. Love Jen. Love Jen’s Snapchat. Love it all!

Alright, that’s it for October. C-ya Later, Alligator!
November, Let’s rock!




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    Mastering the art of multitasking….work smarter not harder….You have nailed that with this post. And a beautiful job on that jacket, it makes a statement!


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