Colette Aster in Hotsprings

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I am like legit in typing these words for your eye holes right now: this week has been the actual laziest week of my existence thus far. K well, probably except for that week I had mono when I was in college (defs true story, defs not a punch line).

This week has truly been ‘spend all Saturday moving from the bed to the couch’ lazy. Like ‘microwaved hot dogs more than once for dinner’ lazy. Like, for real, Netflix and I are in that Carrie Bradshaw season six type of love.


It’s a very one-sided relationship where I pay it monthly to give me love in the form of binging seasons of Schitt’s Creek. But #preach, I can’t even get into that right now because I think too many people have already heard about my new obsession with Daniel Levy.

BUT LIKE C’MONNNN THOUGH, guysssss. Canadian dream boat alert. haaiiii.

Anywhoo, you came here for a reason right?
WHAT DID I MAKE?!?!? (previously, of course, we all know nothing got made this week)

Hi Colette Aster Cotton & Steel baby!


So, yeah, I took these picture a while ago and totally forgot about my unrelenting resting bitch face buuuuut let’s hope that does not detract from the deliciousness of this shirt. I have a much more extensive post on my Colette Aster experience here, but moral of the story if you don’t want to go back is: great shirt, fits good, added 2 inches to length.

God, that took actual milliseconds. What the hell did I write in my previous blog post?!

I purchased this fabric over a year ago, and have had it stashed for this exact pattern for this entire time. I wanted some witchy realness that I could also wear in the non-witch (muggle?) world and still pass as a human citizen. And heck, this fabric completes that task perfectly. It’s black and blue, with crescent moons, and teeny tiny little bats: that is ultimate Sabrina the teenage in 2016. The fabric deets are as follows: Hotsprings (Blue) from the Honeymoon Collection by Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel.


Every time I complete tower sleeve plackets, I literally feel like I am a seamstress of the gods and can do anything the world sets out for me. It is just such a neat process to go through and although it looks super difficult, secret’s out: so simple to accomplish. Just remember to read all of your directions and make all of your markings.


This is the first shirt that I completed with the aid of my ( loaned) sewing machine. Previously, I had to manually zigzag and back-stitch my way into a plausible button hole, but now I just get to sit back and enjoy the beauty of a mechanized magic machine. It is an actual godsend and I don’t think I could ever go back again. BUTTON PLACKET REALNESS FOR DAYYS.


I enjoy the simple pleat on the back bodice of the Aster pattern, but I have to say my favourite feature is the triple pleats on the front bodice pieces. They add such a minimalist but intriguing feature to the shirt (although this fabric pattern kind of hides them in this garment). I think in the future, I may have the option of sizing down for this piece (make a mental note, Natasha) but I do love the super comfy fit of this garment. Or, as I call it, the ‘I’ve spend 6 hours eating kettle corn non-stop on the couch watching netflix’ fit.
Very vogue. Very fashion.


As with most of my shirts in quilting weight cottons, I still do need some practice setting my sleeves in without and lumpies or bumpies, but I think the addition of a tailor’s ham will also assist with that tremendously. Also, let’s just talk about how my alabaster skin totally fucks the white balance of this photo like nobodies business. Like, can you see veins? I’m pretty sure I’m becoming translucent.


How about that? A quick little boo into my new closet addition. Like, how easy breesy was that? I bet you still have time on your lunch break, or even a few more sips on a coffee break, or maybe even enough time to do some more insta-browsing in the bathroom stall without anyone thinking that you have a serious pooping problem.

Pure class. Pure Fashion.





  1. babybondaproductions

    Love the shirt! And hell ya to the automatic buttonholes. First time I used my new machine I was all boo-yah!

    • Natasha

      haiiilllll yas! It is a true gift of the sewing gods!



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