Natasha Presents: September Recap and October Updates!

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Hi my blog babies,

Wait, is that weird?

Hi my blog besties!

Full disclosure: This was supposed to be my very first vlog aka video blog. I had everything set up last night, I put on makeup to hide those bag babies under my eyes, and I was ready to vocal fry my way through 15 minutes of your time. But it just! did! not! work!
So I have my audio visual technician aka husband on it, and hopefully next month I will be able to blow your minds with the greatest vlog that has ever vlogged the vlog.

However, while I have your attention: let’s take a dive back into September, chat about some things like us friends do, and dive into the future of October!

This month I had three big posts on the blog: My Colette Rue, Macrame Quilt and Pillow, and my two new black linen Pocket Tees.

I also celebrated this blog’s very first year of existence with a delicious chocolate hazelnut cake and a bunch of my gal pals! I’d say that was a pretty successful September.

My Rue post was CRAZY! I was lucky enough to get reposted on the Colette Patterns Instagram, as well as the DinkyDoo Fabrics Instagram, which totally rocked my word. I also received a special mention in the monthly Cotton + Steel Instagram contest, #cottonandsteelcloset. Which like, chamon, dreams alert!

If every month could be like September, fam, I would be a-ok with that. I had so much fun blogging all of my posts, and I am totally over the moon with all of my new followers and insta-dream boats. You guys rock!

What else happened in September? I started seriously thinking about my life and where I want to go from here. Sewing basically keeps me alive day to day, and I always spend at least a few moments in my sewing area, scheming and planning new and fun projects to complete. It is what I think about when I go to sleep, and what wakes me up in the morning. Because of this actual serial obsession, I started thinking about how I could transition my life into a more creative, sewing filled existence. However, life changes are fucking terrifying guys. Loans, jobs, debt, instability: this is why people go to school and make mistakes in their teens. With a mortgage, a human mouth to fill, and a dog mouth to feed, I do not have the same luxuries that 19 year old Natasha did. Has anyone else gone through a late 20’s life change? Did you survive? Pleeeasssse comment if you did as I am taking all of the suggestions I can. If you did not survive, I will also accept graveyard zombie comments to keep me grounded.
GROUNDED! GET IT! I am a pun master over here.

Alright, I hear you! This isn’t no telanovella, you came here to read shit about sewing, so let’s do that. In October, I have some great plans.

I became a member of The Monthly Stitch, which is lovely group of sewing bloggers that are tasked with a new project each month. October is all about dresses, and I have a pretty swell post coming up soon for that. Sneaky peaks you say?

I also have a few button up shirts to complete in the next few weeks, which have been made exponentially easier with my machine’s automated button-hole foot. I used to manually zigzag my way through a lack luster button-hole but this is absolutely life changing. I am ready for all of the plackets. YAS! ALL OF THE PLACKETS!


My girl Shauna came over again to rock a sewing project together, so once I get some pictures of us being the best of friends, I will have a new Come Sew With Me post for this month. I also have a very special quilting project to share with you guys in a few weeks, which has been an actual year in the making, so that will be pretty fabulous as well. Gosh, October, you are just going to be so swell over here at Confident Beginner!

Finally, I am going to steal a segment from my favourite hags, and talk about my current favourite OBSESSIONS! Y’all care about shit that I like, right? If not, skip down a few paragraphs. But, cchaaamon! I like cool things jeeeeez.

Guyyyyyysssssss I just can’t god damn stop; I am totally obsessed with true crime podcasts! I started off by listening to My Favorite Murder with Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff. I have listened to Karen’s other podcast, Do You Need A Ride?, so I already knew that I would love her new venture. AND I DO! I have always been a true crime junkie, falling asleep to Exhibit A with Graham Greene on my parents couch growing up, and it has! not! stopped. From MFM, I have branched out to Sword and Scale, Last Podcast on the Left, and True Crime Garage. And, oh yeah, I know that it is a morbid interest, but don’t worry: I am now basically terrified 99.998% of the time. I listened to Last Podcast on the Left’s BTK series and I legitimately check my closets every day and every night now. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?! #obsessions

A few projects down the list, I had considered making Closet Case File‘s Clare coat. I have never worked with wools before, but you know, there is a first time for everything. If I waited for ‘knowledge’ I wouldn’t be where I am right now. However, Heather blew our minds this week with the Kelly Anorak coat so now I have no idea what to do. I want them BOTH! Cancel all my other plans, I have two coats to make! #obsessions

Seriously, I cannot find a freaking mustard linen and it is all I want in my life. I went to my usual (Canadian operated, mama picky) hot spots and haven’t been able to find any. One day, mustard linen, I will have you.


Alright, this blog post is LONG! I hope you liked it! DID YOU LIKE IT?!
Have a great Friday, you blog babes and beefcakes out there!







  1. Cor

    LUCKILY your bb right hurr has lots of freak-the-fuck-out life change experience including but not limited to quitting a government job of 13 years to polish damn fingernails. Always here for you xx

    • Natasha

      Haha, you don’t even know how often I think about you bb! * insert the sexiest emoji *

  2. kerry

    Ahhh good old life changes they reaffirm that your heart is still beating. Oh and hey! I’m printing off that Kelly anorak as we speak!! Congrats on all the kudos for your lovely Rue. Apparently that pattern is just a bastard, and yours is the only one I’ve seen that looks good!! They did it on pattern review for one of the sewing bees and long experienced stitchers were pulling fits with it. In fact I think Collette is reworking the bodice I heard

    • Natasha

      They are indeed. They are making the side bodice pieces go more under the boobs and fixing some arm scythe issues. But, I still like mine and that is all that matters! I remember your Clare coat too! I CANNOT WAIT to see your Kelly Anorak. Better put that on your instagram! haha.

  3. Catherine Siemann

    went back to grad school in my early 30s and lived to tell the tale. however, was single at the time, so maybe easier to make the change.

    • Natasha

      Yikes! Grad school is intense. Kudos on taking the plunge (and for the vote of confidence)!


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