Fall-ing into Grainline Studio Basics

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Guys, it is officially fall!

It’s getting crisp outside, the long summer nights are shortening up,  leaves are falling and messing up my patio. But, best of all, the most perfect things are here again.
Layers are back! Burnt Sienna is now acceptable to wear again! Not feeling guilty for watching Netflix on a Saturday afternoon instead of going to the beach is a real thing now! Soon, I will be able to wear toques without it being ‘weird’ and having to sweat profusely under the summer sun for sake of a goth outfit! Ugh, fall is just the best.

Although I have been sewing for almost 3 years, this year I fully started my transition into a fully handmade wardrobe. Indie sewing companies will always have my heart for cute dresses and fancy blouses, but I also have to get deep into those everyday essential items to pepper through the extravagant outfits that I will make. Although basics are a foundation of any closet, it is an intensely satisfying moment when you make your own tank top or your own casual knit shirt. It truly does change your mentality from ‘oh all of my dresses and cute tops can be handmade’ to ‘oh shit, everything I wear can be handmade’. You best believe I am going to make about 1500 more of these garment below and live in a beautiful haven of sweaters and casual tops, because I can and because they were so inexpensive and easy. DID YOU HEAR THAT, FELLOW READERS, INEXPENSIVE AND EASY! Words that many do not equate to DIY clothing.

The team at Grainline Studio are the goddesses of great patterns for fashion basics. They are slaying the game with casual button-ups, pajamas, basic tees, tanks, etc. So, of course I am going to start my search here for beefing up my handmade wardrobe. Oh hi there, Hemlock Tee.


Let’s be real here, guys: if anyone has ever told you that making your own clothes was too hard or too expensive, let me explode your god damn brain right now!
1. This is a free pattern, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter.
2. This pattern is one size, so you don’t have to do any sizing or fitting.
3. The instructions are super legit and are a simple intro to working with knits if you are as nervous as I was.
4. Because you can use any super stretchy knit, you can sometimes find your fabric for, are you freaking ready, 70% OFF REGULAR PRICE.
Mic! fucking! drop! guys! I bet I just blew your brains right out of your butthole.


Ok ok ok, you naysayers out there will say that having a serger probably comes in handy, and I cannot lie: I was ‘loaned’ a serger a year or two ago, which will now have to be pried out of my cold dead hands because this bech ain’t ever giving that back. So everyone out there whom is not as lucky as to have a totally awesome mother in law to loan you a serger will have to rock some more time consuming zig zag stitches. BUT it still can be done, and you will still be left with a ballin’ batwing loosey goosey super comfortable top that will look perfect and feel perfect and make you absolutely perfect. I AM NOT OVERSTATING ANY OF THIS!


I still need a bit of practice with knit fabrics, as I have a tendency to go full speed ahead without stopping to think things through or investigate better ways to complete more trixie parts. But that is what learning is all about, am I right? I just need to stop. breathe. research, and restart.

Also, I just remembered that ‘books’ are a thing for learning and I now have about 100 sewing books on my ‘to buy’ list. I am so excited go get some hardcore book learning done when the weather is the pits. Some of you may be thinking, “don’t you have a degree in English Lit, shouldn’t you have known that books existed?”

Anyways, welcome to my life, beautiful knitty goodness of my rusty Hemock tee. Now, meet your new BBF, the Linden Sweatshirt.


Making my own sweatshirt was such a crazy experience for me in my new ‘sew everything’ lifestyle. I have been indoctrinated to think that if I wanted something as basic as a sweatshirt or a hoodie, I would just go to Old Navy or American Apparel and buy it. The idea of a sweatshirt seems so simple that it almost makes it secretly too difficult to accomplish on your own.  But it’s not! It’s super fun and easy!

Full disclosure: This is actually my second Linden sweatshirt. I have another blog post coming up with my first make, I just didn’t get that ‘picture taking’ done in time. Oops, so is life.

Anyways, I had a little bit of extra fabric leftover from my first dude, and I had this sneaky idea that I wanted to try out. Do you guys remember Kimmy Schmidt of the Unbreakable fame? After watching Season 2, I had a vision to recreate her pattern blocked sweatshirts that I oh-so-fell in love with during the season.


I chose Rashida Coleman-Hale’s Moon Rabit from the Mochi Fall 2014 Collection by Cotton+Steel, which I had left over from by Beatrix Pull-Over Top from earlier this year. I went in blind, not knowing how the woven piece would work with the more stretchy knit fabric, or if it would have an adverse effect on the overall fit of the pattern. Angel high-fives all around guys, it worked out great!


Now, this sweater isn’t necessarily going to protect me from hypothermia, as 1/3 of it is a medium weight cotton, but I live on the West Coast so anything below 0°C and everything gets shut down anyways. #pacificnorthfreshhhh

I am over the moon (heh, get it?) with this quilted knit fabric, which I had to desperately scrounge for at the back of the back corner of Fabricland. But, hold on to your butts, this fabric was on sale for $7.00 a metre, which brings the total cost of 2 SWEATSHIRTS to $14.00 and change (if you are adding in the stashed piece of fabric). Um hello, bank account, get ready to be flush cause mama be making $7.00 shirts over here.


So yeah, come at me Fall season, I am ready to handle you now.
I am also ready to have an entire wardrobe full of Grainline Studios patterns because they the best basic in the business, folks.

What is your favourite pattern for everyday essential items? I really want to do a Driftless Cardigan and a Rumi Tank by Christine Haynes, and then I will literally be comfort all day every day don’t even make me change out of knits y’all. DON’T EVEN MAKE A BECH CHANGE OUT OF LEGGINS, YA HEAR?!



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  1. ellecashmoney

    Hooooooly Schnikes…..
    You are the embodiment of crisp cozy autumn. Beautiful work!
    PS JEaLOuS…. Wanna make a sweatshirt TOOOOOO………

    • Natasha


  2. tifdickinson

    Love the whole Autumn shebang!!! I immediately want a Grainline linden pattern asap! Your version is soooo lovely. Enjoy the legitimate Netflix and chill. And never ever give up that serger ?

    • Natasha

      Thank you so much! I will think of your comment while I Netflix and chill while cradling my serger in my arms like a baby. Autumn for the win!

  3. RED

    Haha I love your “voice!” I can feel your excitement and totally understand. The Hemlock is a Godsend (I recently made 4 back-to-back, 3 of them sleeveless options so they can transition back to summer!). I’m currently whipping up Scouts back-to-back as that’s another great Grainline pattern for fun woven prints. I’ve been on the fence about buying the Linden but I think you won me over. Yours is gorgeous and the fit is great!

    Keep rockin’!

    • Natasha

      Thank you so much! I don’t think I can love my Lindens more. I have wondered how many times I can wear them back-to-back to work before my coworkers start to notice. haha! Good luck and godspeed on the epic Scout make of 2016!

  4. Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

    I love Burnt Sienna. I have to go find some now! Both are cute tops – nice work! I have a McCall’s top pattern that I have made so many times I don’t even put away my pattern pieces. It’s always nice to have a TNT top!

    • Natasha

      Thank you so much! I think the Linden is going to be that pattern for me, the pieces that never get put away! haha.

  5. Heather

    Both of these look awesome! The linden fabric combo is great – and I love the colour of you Hemlock. Have you tried the Tessuti Mandy Boat tee? I love it because it’s huge and swingy, but also because the pattern is free!

    • Natasha

      yaaaaaaaas! Oh man. Thank you for the heads up! I just downloaded the Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee and it looks amazzzing. Droopy shoulders FOR LIFEEE!

  6. heatherandthepugs

    Both of these look awesome! The linden fabric combo is great – and I love the colour of you Hemlock. Have you tried the Tessuti Mandy Boat tee? I love it because it’s huge and swingy, but also because the pattern is free!



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