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by | Sep 30, 2016 | Natasha Presents | 2 comments

Happy Friday my favourite people in the universe (a.k.a readers of my blog).
How are you feeling? Stuck at your desk job on a sunny Friday afternoon when you would rather be sitting at a different kind of desk and sewing? No? Really?! Oh, that’s just me then? oh, ok.


Tilly and the Buttons recently released a new pattern, Rosa, and followed it up with a fancy schmansy online workshop as well.


I can’t get enough of the piping detail on that collar, or the image of me as a bad ass 1970’s cowgirl by day (lady cop by night obvs) in a diy denim button-up, which is why I am totally into in this online class. Girl, you know I want to learn how to pop them collars like it ain’t no thang.
There are only have 3 days before the Early Bird pricing goes away, so I better start hustlin’ some cash dollars real quick.

Anyways, new shirts, am I right?!
How do you feel about making collars?
You ready for fall button-ups all day everyday?
I recently completed a shirt placket with an automated buttonhole foot and I am #DECEASED. I can’t believe I did that junk manually for so long.

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  1. katiemakesadress

    Seriously cannot get enough of collars and piping right now. Can’t wait to grab this pattern <3

    • Natasha

      I can’t wait to see you make it! I bet it will be on firreeee!


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