Macrame Layer Cake Quilt and Pillow

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Oh haaaaiii guys.

Sorry I have been ?ghosting? this week. I am having a crazy third of my life crisis over here which is taking up all of my mental capacities. For all of you ride-or-die hards over there, yeah it’s basically this but fast forward one year. ANYWAYS WHO CAN WALLOW IN SADNESS WHEN CUTE QUILTS NEED TO BE BLOGGED ABOUT.

I made a quilt! And a pillow! And by gosh darn golly you guys, it was pretty fun.


One of my friends is having a wee little bebe boy, so in true Natasha fashion I sprang into action: quilt gift style. Pre-cuts were definitely the way to go from the beginning, because I wanted this quilt to be super casual, minimalist (in quilting terms), and very,  let’s say, ‘masculine’. Also, this quilt is for an actual projectile poop and puke machine, so I didn’t necessarily want to do anything super intricate with loads of details. After much deliberation over which fabric collection to choose, Brian ultimately made the final decision and went with Macrame by Rashida Coleman-Hale from Cotton and Steel. We knew the parents of this baby boy still want to live a hip-cool lifestyle as well as bring the hippest coolest baby into this world, so no cutesy baby print fabric collection was going to do. This baby needed to be wrapped in cute little terrariums, funky little owls, and a whole lotta 70’s era knots.  If you don’t know where I got this fabric, YOU TRIPPIN’, cause you know I ordered it from Dinkydoo Fabric and Notions. For real, holler at them if you need fabric; it took us so long to narrow down the fabric search because there pre-cut fabric selection is just out of bounds.

Now, fabric in hand, I needed to figure out how to lay out this bad boy. I did a few trial runs in real life on my living room floor, but I kept changing my mind too often. Fun fact: hobbling around on the ground in order to place fabric is only fun for about 3.8576 seconds. I ended up grabbing screenshots of all the samples from the collection on the Cotton and Steel website, throwing them in photoshop, and playing around until my heart was content. Originally, I thought I was going to do a scattered ‘all over the place’ look, like in the first picture, but I transitioned into more of a gentle ombre, or geombré, from colours to neutrals, which I prefer way more. Also, these are phone pictures of the screen of my computer because I am an idiot and apparently forgot how a screenshot works.

Next up, is the final layout on the ground. You keen cats out there will notice that the final design differs slightly than what is pictured above and below, because you just gotta keep working that shit out until the bitter end hennnnyyyy.


Weeoo! Now that I had the quilt top pattern all mapped out, it was time to piece it all together. I kept it real easy sleasy by doing 6 rows of 6 10″ layer cake squares, leaving four extra pieces for the pillow. I divided the quilt up into the 6 vertical rows and pieced those together to get 6 long strips, as shown in the picture below. Then, the 6 long strips were pieced together in what is literally the fastest quilt top I have ever made. Holler at that skill building, guys.


CONFESSION CORNER: I thought I had enough batting for this quilt because I was like, ‘oh yah, its a bebe quilt and I have a bebe amount of batting’. SUCKS TO BE YOU NATASHA, it was a regular human sized quilt and I did not realize this until late Friday night (deadline to babyshower t-minus 2 days). I had vaguely remembered seeing Mister Domestic say something about piecing batting together on an Instagram story from months ago and I was all, ‘yeah, sure, that’s a thing right’? Like, literally, the worst recollection to actual action response anyone could ever have. But hey, I think it worked out? I didn’t have a chance to wash it prior to giving it to the baby mama-to-be, so hopefully it doesn’t go all wonky in the wash. WHO KNOWS? I bet Mister Domestic does. Also, you should follow him on Instagram because he is a fabric wizard and generally a perfect person. And like, he doesn’t even know I exist so that is some truly unsolicited recommendations there for all yaa hunnayyys.

Also, doesn’t it looks like I am piecing tiny clouds together?


The quilting was just simple straight line quilting diagonally through the squares because that is what a MAN QUILT is, am I right? If I had more time, I would probably have quilted around the squares, aka stitched in the ditch, as well as the diagonal lines, but I was truly at t-minus 24 hours to baby shower at this point so bitches can’t perfectionists.

NEXT UP: Pillow talk. Using the same method as the quilt, I pieced and quilted this little baby pillow and with the excess binding strip did a little diy piping around the outer edge. I used my trusty Sewaholic Sewtionary dictionary for a quick how-to as I had never sewn piping before. Now, I am totally in-love with it and will definitely be piping every thing I can in the future. Oh, and you know I made a LOT of ‘laying down that pipe’ innuendos during this process sooooo my sewing machine could probably file suit for sexual harassment.


In true Sofia from the Golden Girls fashion: Picture this, t-minus 2.5 hours until the start of the baby shower. I am in my jammy jams, crazy hair and no makeup, and just praying to any god to let me finish binding this quilt on time while my fingers rock that ladder stitch at record speed. I finished with just enough time to take a few (unfortuanely blurry) shots, throw in a curl or two in my hair, and dash out the door. Laundering? No time. Ironing? Heck no. This was bare minimum, pedal to the metal shit you guys.


WHAT KIND OF GIANT BABY NEEDS A QUILT THAT BIG? Juuuust kidding! The mama wanted more of a floor covering for baby hangs and less of an actual blanket for when the baby is cold. I imagine it can also be used as a comfortable place of respite when mom and dad just want to escape the inhuman smells noises coming from their tiny poop and puke moster at 3AM after being awake for the past 34 hours. PS. I don’t have kids. Can you tell?


The backing fabric and binding strips are made from a very super soft cotton bed-sheet which is a totally amazing option for newby quilters who want to keep their costs low but their project ???.


I don’t have a bebe, BUT I DO HAVE A PUG! He decided to do some very fancy dog yoga on the quilt during my 5 second photo session. Fun fact: the amount of contrast and shadow work I had to do on this photo just so you can see his cute black face is absolutely ridiculous, but totally worth it.


See, boys can totally get bad ass quilting presents too! If the parents allow me, I will totally blog some post birth baby-in-quilt photos so we can see this creation in action. Or, alternatively, they can send me pictures of their fuzzy fat cat, Orson, swaddled in it. I will accept either photograph.

For real guys, this is a quilt that anyone can do, I promise! If you want more tips on how to make your own layer cake quilt, just hit me up! I am available 24/7 day and night, sitting in the dark quietly making all of my life changing decisions through casual bouts of anxiety ridding panic attacks. #plzsendhelp





    • Natasha

      It’s so worth it! And doing an east quilt top with pre-cut fabrics is so super simple, not a lot of sewing time at all! You will get addicted for sure.

  1. Texas Quilting

    I hope everything settles down for you soon!

    • Natasha

      Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!

  2. ellecashmoney

    This is the sickest bebe quilt evaaaah… I’m considering getting knocked up just so you can make me one too xx

    • Natasha

      YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Pls name your bebe Otis.



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