Happy 1st Birthday, Confident Beginner!

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Picture this: September 8th, 2015. The moment when all of your lives changed for the better. J.K. but it was the first day (and first post) of my e-baby, www.confidentbeginner.com!

I knew I wanted to celebrate this truly momentous occasion in real life, so I invited some of my wonderful gal pals over for some celebratory cake/mandatory photo-shooting. You best believe I waited until they all said yes before I explained the true details of the event because I am a ✨sneaky✨ friend like that.


However, you know you are truly #blessed when you can be a total party-zilla and still have four gorgeous beauties show up so you can take advantage of their beautiful faces. There was, however, a promise of cake, so that was worth something.


I made the Chocolate and Nutella Layer Cake recipe by Julián Ángel at Historias del Ciervo, with an adaptation for dairy-free buttercream by my e-boo, Minimalist Baker from her Vegan Funfetti Cupcakes recipe. Furthermore, on a last minute decision, I also made a Mille Crêpe cake because I have always wanted to make (and taste) one. I found this amazing Coffee Crepe Cake recipe from The Joy Of Kosher by Jamie Gellar, which just so happened to be dairy-free. Yay!

DSC_0136FYI: This picture was taken seconds after the balloon fell and terrified us all.

Why cake at a party you ask, you ask? uhhh duuuuhhhhhhh, cake is sent from heaven above to gently caress our bellies with buttercream kisses. True story, I obsessively follow and watch cake decorating clips and videos on instagram, and after the hours upon hours of videos I obviously thought I knew exactly how to become a superstar in the cake world. If you have been following my blog over the past year, you know that watching youtube clips is truly my scholarly training. It’s just how I be.
I recall telling my bbf love of my life, Ashley, who is also a qualified bonafide baking and pastry chef, how excited I was to make not one but two cakes for this event, and I imagine she nodded politely and heeennnyyy she probably eye-rolled her way out of the room while I wasn’t looking.  Let’s be real, a good baker ‘follows recipes’ and ‘know’s what they are doing’ and those are both areas I am not particularly strong in. So yea, there were a few hiccups, some very late night crepe making, a definite early morning panic attack, and audible curses when I tried to make buttercream without an electric beater, but it all turned out in the end. These cakes, much to my delight, look as good as they tasted (and for all of those shady bitches out there, that means that they tasted daayyyyum good).

Now, some people may think that having a party for your blog is a really stupid idea. However, I bet those people have planned a wedding or you know, have an actual infant to plan birthday parties for, so they have their own shit to buy golden numbered balloons for. I just wanted a damn balloon people! A damn balloon and to guiltless-ly eat cake for days. WHY ELSE DO PEOPLE CONTINUE WRITING BLOGS IF THEY CANNOT FORCE PEOPLE TO CELEBRATE THEIR MINOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND GUILTLESS-LY EAT CAKE FOR DAYS?


I also wore my brand spanking new Rue dress, blogged about earlier this week, because it is very comfy and feels like an angel hugs my food baby when I eat too much cake. Now is the time for you to enjoy some truly unadulterated food porn.


bow chica wah waooonnnnn


shichka shicka bow chica chica chica bowww waaaooohhh


After I had put my friends in a serious sugar coma, we sat around and talked about, well you know: how perfect I am, all of my amazing accomplishments, how everything I touch turns to gold and I should be the queen of the internet. Just all of the things regular people talk about all the time.

ALRIGHT, guys. Real talk, what a year this has been! Let’s do some casual reminiscing while I have your post food porn mind all hot and cake-bothered.

What did I learn this year?

Vegan Food is Delicious! Like, duh, I kind of already knew that, but this year our household has taken a real stride to eat alternatives to meat to cut down on the global shit show that is food production. I admit right here, right now, that I am not a vegan, however I am totally into it and eager to add more vegan options into my food hole.

Carpentry skills are real trixie! But, oh man, I now think I can do anything. I went to my mother-in-law’s house on the weekend and was like ‘U NEED SHELVES BRAH?!’. JK, I would never say to anyone, but I was totally rocking some power tool and wood on wood action.

Me Made May was amazing! I started following so many wonderful blogs and instagram accounts, and was inspired to make so many truly fabulous garments from all of the posts I scrolled through. Hell yea, handmade wardrobes, I am so into you!

Fast Fashion sucks real bad, but I am so glad that I am now #woke and can start actively searching for and purchasing from companies that also promote these new industry standards.

What’s Next?

I am mostly excited to continue getting further into the sewing community online, making e-friends (and real friends, r u out there?) that are as interested in sewing and fabric as I am, and to build my ‘brand’ into something that I am truly proud of. With regards to blog-related anticipations, I am very excited to start doing more Come Sew with Me posts (and maybe even videos?!), possibly some sponsored content (make dat shmoney) and shilling more things I truly love for my friday Natasha Presents series. I am also, duh, really excited to progress my skills set and understanding about sewing and fabrics, but that may be covered in a later post (I may be hiding a few things from you rn).

What you all came for! BOOM BABY! Let’s check out some statisticals.

Most Popular Post (well, this is a smidge anti-climactic, as it was just 2 days ago, but boy howdy did these stats slam every other post out of the park)

Most Popular Instagram Picture (thanks to the shout-out from ColettePatterns.com)
most liked


Where y’all be living (where you at, fellow Canadians?!)

And a million more years to go (imma live #forever).


Finally, I have to thank all of you readers and followers for subscribing, reading, commenting, and loving my blog. I obviously narcissistically hope that you lay awake a night hoping to wake up to another post from me, but I will take any ounce of interest you are willing to give. Except for, you know, them meanies on the internet cause I got my first tiny taste of that a few days ago and MAMA DON’T LIKE.
For real, Oscar speech out and all, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my dumb words on the internet, cause it really does mean a lot to me. I didn’t really know how far I would take this blog when I paid for the domain a young year ago, but I am truly #blessed everyday when I log into the desperate garbage hole that the internet can be, and see all of your kind, beautiful, and wonderful words of encouragement. You rock. I rock. We all fucking rock guys. THANK YOU! AND YOU! AND YOU! AND YOU! AND YOU!




  1. Donna

    Happy one year….

  2. jsholm

    Congratulations Bean..You are truly amazing!! Luv u tons!!

  3. Kerry

    Congratulations on 1 year of bringing lots of smiles to everyone. I think I see what you mean about the comment that tasteless she devil left. I’m so sorry Natasha I never meant for that to happen, I shared it because you made such an awesome job of it, and many others loved it too. Some people just can’t stand seeing others succeed. Oh and her response to the comment I left for her will either clarify what I think she meant or leave her looking like a consummate bitch. Her call ? Thanks for sharing all your talent with us xo


    And you SLAAAYYYYEDDDDDD IT!!!??? you are so adorable and all these pics are amazing❤️ happy 1 year my sweet!
    Love you!!xoxo

    • Natasha

      hahaha. I hope people start thinking we are #sisterwives. THANKS BB! ♥♥♥

  5. Katie Writes Stuff

    Right, that’s it: I’m celebrating all of my blog birthdays from now on. It’s the perfect excuse for cake! (Although, honestly, getting up, showered, dressed and surviving work is probably a perfect excuse for cake, too… but you can’t invite your friends to that sort of thing every day. Alas.)

    Congratulations on your year of blogging! It sounds as though you’ve had an absolute ball.

    • Natasha

      GIRL! It sounds like you need more cake in your life. CELEBRATE EVERYTHING EVERYDAY!



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