Solar Eclipse Wall Hanging take 2

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Hey everybody!
Do you remember my Solar Eclipse Wall Hanging post from earlier this year? I’ve done it again!


My best friend forever for life and beyond, Ashley, loved the wall hanging I made for my mom and wanted one of her own. Although I love the stark white against colours from the original pattern, I wanted to try something different and do a little bit of stash busting in the process.


Using the same solids from the original pattern, I hunted through my stash to find coordinating florals that would complement the Kona solids. I can’t lie, it was tricky to find ones that worked, but I hoped the pairings that are a little off are hidden by the pairings that are truly ??????. Like, come through orange and red block, I actually live for you right now.
I decided to try my best and do light coloured florals with the lighter fabrics and darker colours with, you guessed it, darker solids, to add even more of an ombre element to the blocks. Before quilting it all together, I was very nervous that it would end up looking too busy, and a little too ‘farmhouse’ for Ashley, but once I had it all completed, I did ultimately enjoy how everything looked all together!


I ended up doing some straight line quilting at 1/4” width, because I am an actual sadist (jk, or am I…). I completely and utterly love the way that tight straight line quilting comes out, but it is a true pain in the ass when you are working with it. This is fer shure one of those projects where you have to toss all perceptions of perfection right out of the window. Or, well, at least I have to do that. All you professional quilters can keep reading on.


Not to throw all of the tea, shade, and pink lemonade, but I think I might like the back of this quilt as much as the front. Using the same technique from my Tokyo Train Ride Jelly Roll Race Quilt post, I whipped up some 2.5” strips of assorted fabrics from the stash, some of which I used in the quilt top, and threw them all together. Maybe I am just a sucker for Jelly Roll Race quilts, that’s all I got end of sentence!


If you want more details about this style of wall hanging, be sure to check out my Solar Eclipse Wall Hanging post where I dive into all of the fresh deets. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed this quick little post for a cute little wall hanging!
That’s it for now, folks.





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  1. Ashley

    It is beautiful and perfect!!!! I can’t wait to get it hung up❤️ You are the best woman EVER!!!!


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