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Last year, I was in a deep, deep hole of obsessive sewing and pretending my body was that of a young teenager. After weeks and weeks of this, I suddenly woke up with excruciating back pain; I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t sit, and I spent the better part of two days like a legitimate geriatric.
After much contemplation (and massage therapy), I realized that I was being dog gone foolish. My sewing chair, if you could even call it that, was actually a backless stool that I was spending 3-4 hours a night on. I was also huddled over a sewing machine, not thinking that my terrible posture would ever have such a debilitating affect on my body.

Since then, I have made some major adjustments and starting taking more care of my body while doing what I love. Guys, get a good sewing chair, like for real. Also, if your back starts to hurt, stop and walk around. It’s seems silly to think about now, but we have all had ‘only a few more seams to go’ moments that turn into hours of a non-stop sewing marathon.

Yoga and stretching have also made a huge improvement to strengthen and relieve tension in my back. I was very excited when Seamwork Magazine wrote an article that was exactly what I needed!


Check out the article Movement for Sewists for 8 stretches and poses geared towards people who would rather sew that eat/sleep/venture out in the world.
And, you know, take care of yourself guys!





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