#FBF: Nailed it! A Conversation with Coriana from Black Cherry Nails

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Oh haiii bbs! Check out this article I wrote about my forever nail technician (and also forever friend) Black Cherry Nails. Unfortunately, as stated in my Black Cherry Nails Quilted Wall Hanging post, she is no longer open for business. However, we can all have our dreams right?! Our beautiful, nail goddess, queen of the stiletto pointed kingdom dreams.
Since my post was first was published, I have had some balling ass nails: here are some of the highlights!

Nailed it! A Conversation with Coriana from Black Cherry Nails

Originally Posted December 19, 2014
I can’t honestly say that I have ever been a good caretaker of my nails. I will admit, in the deepest darkest shameful pits of shamey shame, I am a terrible nail owner. I am a fidgety, nervous nail biter. I have a pension for cuticle picking. I am an ex-smoker whose now nicotine free fingers need something to do or else.
Up until a month ago, my nails were in shambles: bitten down to the very end, cuticles ripped off as soon as they had begun to form, beauty stole dollar bin nail polish chipping off, yet never reapplied. It was a mess, I will admit it. But hey, I just started filling in my eyebrows, so we all make mistakes people. We all make meth nail, Matt Smith eyebrow mistakes.
(please don’t tell anyone I am 27 years old)

After years of hiding my hands in pictures and obsessively picking, I decided it was time for a change. I made an honest decision to grow my nails as long as I could and book an appointment with my most favorite stylist, Coriana Burke.
(fyi, if you are following along, my eyebrows are now filled in, and looking great)
I sat down with a great friend of mine, a trained professional nail technician, and a fellow pug lover, Coriana Burke, whom is the owner and one woman show-runner of Black Cherry Nails, a boutique nail salon in the tri-cities area of Greater Vancouver. From her private home studio, Coriana is busting out fantastic fingers for ladies, babes in training, and the illusive manicure loving male every Tuesday through Saturday. While she mulled over the state of my nails, shaping them into soft rounded beauties, we chatted about her business and the art of nails.
1. Why did you decide on the nail business?
 Well, I was in an office job that was less than fulfilling, and wanted a little variety. At the time, my husband was working two jobs, including his own Graphic Design company, so I saw this as a way to contribute as well as do something professionally that I’ve always loved to do anyway! I recently left my office job to pursue my salon full-time, and I’ve never been happier. I’d always painted my own nails, and friends’ nails along the way, so this seemed so natural (and it still does!)
2. How long have you been doing nails?
 Including time spent in school, 2015 will be seven years! I have run my own salon for five years now, and I recently became an Educator for Elite Beauty Supplies, which is pretty fun.
3. What training did you go through to become a certified nail technician?
I went to the Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver, and I focused solely on the Nail Pro Program for a six month training period. This however, did not include the hours upon hours spent practicing on poor friends and family members throughout my training. Sorry guys.
4. What should one expect when going into a nail salon?
Cleanliness, first and foremost! You need a clear understanding of what service you are being provided, and what products are being used. If things aren’t labeled, ask to see the labels. You should expect nothing less than a competent, certified Tech who is well versed in salon sanitation, bacteriology, and nail disorders. Not to mention quality work, which is so important. Always check out portfolios on their websites and Facebook pages so you know what their work is like.
5. What are some tips people can use for day to day nail care?
We have a saying: “Nails are jewels, not tools!” Make sure you treat them like that! Always wear gloves when using cleaning products and washing dishes. Cuticle oil at least twice a day. It’s the absolute best thing you can do for your nails and skin. If you can only swing once a day, do it before you go to bed, that way it has a chance to really sink in overnight. My clients are probably laughing reading this. Now I’m nagging on a public forum!

6. Can you talk about the difference between a nail tech and a person who does nails?
It is extremely important to note that the Cosmetology industry in BC is not regulated. This means that anyone can open shop and it is completely a buyer beware situation when you choose a nail salon!

In 2003, licensing laws were repealed in BC; for some reason the government determined that this reclassification would increase the variety of salons for consumers – which it has, only in a different way. Now, no education or testing is required to “do nails” if you can believe it. This, to me, is the difference between a Nail Technician, and someone who “does nails”. A Nail Technician is someone who has been properly trained, educated and keeps up to date on proper sanitation procedures, technology, nail disorders and products. We are always attending classes, trade shows and continuing education to make sure we’re at the top of our game to better serve our clients. Not to mention we have a genuine passion for our profession! It’s all about doing that little bit of homework to find a tech who you will get along fabulously with and trust! Trust is so important.

After some gabbing, and a few glides of top coat, the transformation was complete. My nails were painted, foiled, coated, and ready for the world. I couldn’t be more excited about how they turned out.  From hobbit hands to a damn Diva over here. Check me out, world, I’m a grown woman (I can do whatever I want).
Disclaimer: I was in no way influenced, via gunpoint, extortion, or monetary gain, by Coriana at Black Cherry Nails to write this blog post. All views and opinions are very much so my own. Answers were compiled from a nail appointment as well as email correspondence with Coriana, and the content was not altered to affect tone or message. The purpose of this blog is to share our individual talents and passions with our internet friends, and I hope that you find this post informative on the topic as well as in our realm of collective interests. Also, support your local small businesses this holiday season; local money into local shops make for a better community, people!
Happy Holidays!

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