Linen Pocket Tee

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The internet is a beautiful place. It is where I go to find my Beyoncé dance moves, pictures of funny dogs, instagram videos of crazy bread cake recipes that are all in Japanese. Oh, and it is also where I go for sewing inspiration! During this Me Made May, I came across this majestic unicorn of comfortable beauty all wrapped in a shirt pattern. COME AT ME, POCKET TEE!


Jess B Daniels made this pattern in a wonderful buttery mustard linen and I immediately knew mama needed one too. This was the beginning of May, people. I have been secretly obsessed with this shirt since the beginning of May. I’ve seen it in my dreams, and now I see it in my closet!

The pattern is Pocket T from Charlotte Kan, which is a Dutch sustainable fashion line. Um, hai? Are you everything I love in one?! This shirt is the total bomb. It is easy to create and so super comfy with no fitting issues or darts to worry about. The kimono style sleeves are everything I need in my life right now. The shirt is is long enough to wear with leggings and not have to worry about my butt being all like ‘hai strangers’ when out in the wild. But really, have I stressed how comfortable this shirt is? Yes, I have? Ok then. And hay, check out this dang pocket!


How darling is that cute stylized pocket flap! Best of all, it is small and dainty but totally ready to handle the girth of my smartphone (which needs to be by my side at all moments so I can snapchat scary bugs and other things I come across on a daily basis). Can anyone else say #winning?! It’s kind of hard to see in my photos, but the hem of the front and back of this shirt are both different. The front has a curved edge around the hip area and the back piece is squared off and rectangular. It adds a totally unique element to the garment and it gave me the chance to rock some of my mitered corners techniques stored deep in my sewing mind palace. Who knew that quilt binding would come in handy? Hello!

This was the first time that I had ever done visible bias bindings for the neckline, and I am very excited I didn’t chicken out last minute and just grab some pre-made bias tape to finish it off in the inside. My neckline doesn’t have the most perfect sewing lines, but it’s black on black on black on black so who is even looking at that shit? This binding technique gives a very ‘quality and professional’ look to the shirt, which I totally dig now that I am full-speed ahead into my own me made wardrobe. Ugh, guys let’s just be so real, I am fully jazzed on this shirty shirt.


My face looks so wonky in this photo, but I had to add it cause that dang cute ass pug is in the background being cute as hell!

However, on a real note: in my next pieces, I think that I will go with a more expensive, higher quality linen because this generic black linen is on the scratchier side of things. I want to melt into my fabrics and feel like I am being wrapped in the comforting arms of a textile angel. Now I know that you cannot get that when your linen is $9.99p/meter. It’s kind of a bummer to come to that realization after you have put the effort into making the garment, but realistically #whocares still wearing it almost every day haiiii!

In conclusion, helllllll yas kween yas I loved this pattern! Over and above making many more t-shirts in a variety of lengths (I see you crop top baby I see you), I have also fallen hard for the dress version of this bad boy. Look at how perfect it is, AND I HAVE A SNEAKY SUSPICION THAT WILL BE ABLE TO ROCK IT NO PROBS. yaaasss






  1. Rebekah Mejorado

    That dress version is going into my cart RIGHT. NOW.

    • Natasha

      Slayyyyyyy! I am so excited for you!

  2. Hoopes Park Studios (@HoopesParkArt)

    Linen has this magical property where it makes simple patterns into fantastic garments. Your tshirt is no exception! Great job – love the shirt.

  3. Kerry Lewendon

    OK how did I miss this one?? It’s soooo cute

  4. heatherandthepugs

    Such a great tee! I can’t wait to see the dress version!



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