Spanish Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

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Oh hey fam. No big deal, just hanging out here in the f-r-e-s-h #yvr life. Minding my beez, making that shmoney. Nothing super cool and exciting is happening.


My instagram is a better testament to this fact, but the website Minimalist Baker is basically my number one go-to food blog for when I have food in my fridge and rumblies in my tumblies. Once I went to a dairy-free lifestyle, I needed to find meal options that remained delicious without being slathered in the mother sauce of cheesy delight. To say that Dana and John slay the game would be an understatement of the millennium, and the fact that Dana also listens to old R&B music and watched NikkieTutorials youtube videos basically means that I wish we were friends IRL. Is that weird? That’s probably weird. I hope that doesn’t come across too thirsty.
(it’s definitely real thirsty).

So, imagine my delight and surprise when my pretend internet friend who doesn’t know I exist is coming to my city to visit people she actually knows exist! Wonder of Wonder! Miracles of Miracles! There is not a lot of info yet, but Dana and Erin Ireland (another snap-chat account that I secretly live for) are going to be at Nourish Cafe on August 4th! I will be there too, but like…in the back, trying to keep my cool and all that.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, I made my favorite (and most recreated) recipe from the site: Spanish Quinoa Stuffed Peppers!


I know, I know. I tried really hard to be a super awesome blogger food stylist extraordinaire. Did it work? Who knows. Was it delicious? Heck yes! Does your food inevitably get cold waiting for you to make sure that the little piece of jalapeno pepper looks good in the 124,523 photos that you take on your piece of dumb android phone? Don’t even get me started.


I love this recipe because, as it states on the blog, I usually have everything I need to make this in the fridge already. The prep is very simple, everything comes together extremely fast, and in no time at all you have yourself a very delicious plant-based cena mexicana. The filling is a true champion of quinoa goodness, packing in a lot of smokey kick while also being a pretty hearty and filling meal.


I did not have the big boy bell peppers at home as Dana calls for in the recipe, so I ended up stuffing teeny guys full to the brim. However, this adjustment made for the best addition to the recipe that, let’s be real, could ever happen. TINY PEPPER HATS! TINY MOTHER FLIPPIN’ PEPPER HATS!! The only other alteration I made was, instead of chili powder (which I remembered I was out of mid-way through making the recipe), I used 1tsp of paprika for the smokiness, and a whole bunch of chopped picked jalapenos for ?the heat?.
Now, on to the eating!


In the past I have definitely slathered this in the delicious Creamy Cilantro Dressing listed in the original recipe, however this time I kept it easy-breezy with some avocado, red onion, salsa, and cilantro haiii.

So, if my pictures are mouth-watery enough (lolz tho), head over to Minimalist Baker right now and make your own stuffed peppers with tiny little hats! Then, hit me up with your favourite Minimalist Baker recipe, or favourite recipe in general. Or just post whatever you want in the comments, I promise I will respond cause I want more internet friends.






    • Natasha

      Thank you for your comment! They were super delish!!

  1. veganjeannine

    Two things… First, I heart minimalist baker and will totally try and be there too. Second, I also obsessively follow Erin Ireland’s snap chat. Okay three things, THOSE PEPPERS LOOK AMAZE!!!


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