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Guy GUYS guys GUYSSSSS. I made a god damn pair of pants.


If you started following me during Me Made May, or if you are an OG instagram follower, you will know that one thing that I have struggled with the idea of a pair of pants. Like, errbody made a pair of loser pajama pants in home economics duhhh, but pants I could actually wear outside that human eyeballs would interpret as a legitimate butt cover?! Man, what a crazy thought. With that in mind, I dove into my first pair of Luna Pants by Made by Rae.

An aside: childhood traumas, let’s talk about them (you’ve read this far, you deserve a fun story).
Picture this: middle school, mid 2000’s, a young and overweight Natasha enters home economics class with her own personally chosen fabric to complete the pajama pants project needed to pass the class. Did she go with a beautiful vintage floral print? no. Did she go for a straight black like the colour of her heart? no. Did she do something unimaginably inappropriate and barely manage to suppress the aftermath memory deep deep down in the recesses of her baby brain? Of course.

MOTHER. FUCKING. COW. PRINT. Why on god’s sweet mother earth would a chubby tomboy loser kid choose to make a pair of pants (and this was the mid-2000 so you know they were 2 sizes too big) in the same pattern as the largest, chubbiest animal on the whole entire planet. My middle school bullies could take a few days off because I was LITERALLY WRITING THEIR MATERIAL for them. Furthermore, I also very much so got in trouble for trying to embroider Ride’Em Cowboy on the butt because my very young, dumb, virgin brain thought that would make these pants (these! pants!) very sexy. Ultimately, I was shot down by the overwhelmingly British, overwhelmingly Catholic home economics teacher. Life continues, tangent over. I’m a functioning adult now and #IMADEPANTS.


These pants, my friend, are not loser cow print pajama pants. They are ballin’ ass rayon extreme i(kat)-can-wear-them-to-work fancy pants. So many aspects of these pants make them the absolute best:

  1. This lovely drapey rayon fabric. I was a bit nervous to work with rayon as I have heard it could be a bit slippery in the machine. However, with a bit of patience and a very powerful serger, I think working with this material went without a hitch. Here’s to hoping this is the case forever because I currently have 7 meters of rayon coming my way through late night online impulse shopping. ha ha ha hahahahahah.
  2. This crazy black and white ikat design. I purchased this fabric at Fabricana in Richmond, and I think I drove the sales attendants crazy in doing so. I wrapped the bolt around my legs and walked around the store, righteously hhwhite hhwhoman of me, pestering Brian to tell me whether or not I could truly and honestly pull off this pair of pants. My initial fear in the busy nature of the pattern soon turned into elation because any, and I mean any, mistake is easily covered up and any mis-sewn line is absolutely camouflaged. Did I sew straight lines? Who knows and who cares, hunty, you’ll never be able to tell.
  3. The Luna pants pattern is dirt-simple guys. It’s basically a fancy pair of your middle school pajama pants for your adult life. Two front pieces, two back pieces, two pockets and a waist-band. Badda boom bingo boingo, bich got herself a pair of pants. I was in-between pattern sizes, so I opted to go with the larger size as I knew these pants were supposed to be baggy as is. Like many a human woman, I will take all precautions to avoid a seam ripped butt situation ever in my life. The ease of the bigger size definitely goes unnoticed in the overall scheme of things as the pants are inherently meant to be baggy, however I think next time I will try the smaller size and hope my butt doesn’t mutiny against the rest of my body. Oh, and yea obvs there will be a next time, mama needs at least 3 more pairs of these pants.
  4. Pockettts. The pockets in these pants are awesome! Coming from someone who already has enough hips to go around, I was definitely worried that hip level pockets were going to make me look like some sort of Kardashian-esque monster. Luckily, that is not the case with these pants at all. Because of the way the pockets are sewn in at the sides of the pant, and then into the waistband on top, they stay super flat and do not add any extra bulk to the hip area. Cause, let’s be real, who needs that amirite?


Now,  I am talking from literally no other pants related experience, but if you are thinking about trying a pants pattern  for the first time, I highly suggest Luna Pants for you. I can’t say that I have gained the confidence to start my own pair of ginger jeans over here, let’s be real, but I do feel like I have surpassed a certain goal for myself as a sewist. I can now go out in the world and say, ‘DO YOU SEE MY BUTT? NO, BECAUSE I MADE THESE PANTS’. #flawless


So, if you see a truly dzope kaween on the streets of Vancouver wearing a loud ass pair of pants, especially if she also has a panting black pug behind her, just give me a holler cause bich you know dat god damn butt is mine.





  1. jsholm

    Ya..but look at where that chubby tomboy loser kid is now..bitchs!!!

    • Natasha

      Hahaha HERE I AM!!! Luv you mama.

  2. Kerry Lewendon

    You’re so hilarious! Those pants are gorgeous, they fit beautifully. The Gingers you will fall in love with. I’ve made about 8 pairs so if you need any hand holding just holler. You’re SO ready!!!!!

    • Natasha

      I think I may need a day long class from the ginger master over there…..I also heard you make great food too. Hahaha!!! ??


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