#FBF: Patio Makeover Dreams

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After spending last weekend painstakingly cleaning my patio in preparation for #ultimatehangs, I thought this post would be mighty relevant to return to at the moment. C’mon, patio, why can’t you just look like that right meow?!

Patio Makeover Dreams
Originally Posted May 11, 2015

Today, this day right now, I know you all feel it…
I’m rocking a hard as heck case of the Monday’s right now.

After a self-made long weekend of super fun in the sun, and taking in the lush scenery of my pacific northfresh, sitting in a white walled office on this gloomy Monday day is currently making me troll all of my patio desires on the internet.

Come with me to my patio dreams!

  1. Applaro Love Seat sectional from IKEA. I can just imagine myself lounging in the summer sun, sipping on cocktails and outstretching my legs. The Applaro series is basically the mother goddess of the patio furniture at IKEA and I want it all, gosh darnit, I WANT IT ALL.
  2. Handcrafted Indian Hanging Lanterns from World Market. How sexy are these lanterns? I can imagine quite a few moonlight makeouts with candles in these dreamy luminaries.
  3. Cafe lighting. Every patio needs to have these! No if, and’s or butts.
    4. DIY Potting Bench from Better Home and Garden. Think of all of the plants I could plants with ease?! No more kneeling over spider ridden patio’s, no more soil lost in deck crevases, no more disorganized terrarium vases; everything would look as perfect and styled just like in the picture (hah..riiiiight)
  4. Woollypockets. Guys, I am literally obsessed with Woollypockets. If I could, ever vertical surface inside and outside of my home would be a living wall. Unfortunately, my east facing windows mean this dream can never be.
  5. DIY Succulent Table from Martha Stewart Living: You can never have too many succulents. Never.
  6. Justina Blakeney’s Home Depot Style Challenge Patio Makeover. Can you even begin to imagine having a patio as beautifully styled as this one by Justina? I want my whole life to be a jungalo paradise!

So, how does my dream patio look? Would you like to come over, mix a Pimm’s cup, and chill the heck out?





  1. Shauna

    Also doesn’t help that your friend left white paint splotches over your deck… But those Woolleypockets, I must have ALL of them!

    • Natasha

      LET’S BUY THEM ALL! and then watch everything die cause our apartment don’t get enough sun. Haha


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