Black Cherry Nails Quilted Wall Hanging

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I know, I know, you may be wondering where I have been. It turns out ‘bloggers’ need to sit down and write ‘blogs’. Ugh, how gross. After a month of sewing garments, of which I am still going strong, I am DESPERATE to quilt again guys. Come through, almost finished quilt top. I am KNEE DEEP in almost finished projects, that will turn into almost finished blog posts, which you will see when my living relatives publish my half-completed entries posthumously (just kidding #livingforever). But for now, we will take a bit of a step back to this lovely project I finished earlier this year.

I love banners. Any kind, any size, any design. I am obsessed with Paulina Mazakova’s silky delicious banners on Instagram, and basically just any wall textile wall hanging in general. My walls are already crowded, but I just. need. more. banners. TAKE A LOOK AT BANNER, MICHAEL.

With my obsession still going strong, I completed this banner wall hanging as a Christmas present for a lovely friend and her lovely business. However, don’t get your butts all hopeful and what not, she has put a temporary hiatus on the nail game as she pursues other amazing opportunities. I’ll give you a moment to dream of the possibilities of what your nails could be, cry a singular tear, and now let’s move on. Although, if you want to indulge, her website is and her nail game is the most fleek.

Black Cherry Nails Banner

I took this picture pre-new lighting in my crafting studio (read: dining room), so the colours look a bit wonky. But, irl guys, this shit is totally bad-ass.

Using the cherry block tutorial from Podunk Pretties, I drafted two punk rock black cherry babies that I stacked on top of each other. The original blocks, which can be found in more detail here, look like this.


picture from

I enlarged my border on top and in-between the two blogs in order to have enough space for my letters, which are just basic iron-on felt lettering found at my local crafting store. Vancouverites can head to Dressew to get packs of iron-on felt letters for a steal of a deal (hai 99¢ hai). For real though, iron-on letters are my life force.

Black Cherry Nails Banner closeup

Unfortunately, I cannot list all of the fabrics used, as they are all scraps from here and there. I can say they were all purchased at Dressew, and you definitely do not need a lot to complete this little wall hanging. Continuing in my dumb dumb life, I didn’t measure it before wrapping it up, but I imagine it is around 33’x15′. I may have purchased a metre of the background and backing fabrics (of which I still have leftovers), but everything else can be made from any small scraps you have in your fabric stash.  To quilt, I just did simple stitch in the ditch methods along the borders in a black thread, as I did not want to add anything to the busy quilt top already. To hang it, I slid a sturdy metal wire with looped ends in the top binding which stabilized the top and allowed for it to be hung with any string/mount one’s heart could desire.

So! There you have it, A little banner baby to bust up your Confident Beginner withdrawals (and to put a break to the selfies of me made may).
I hope you still love it Coriana!





  1. Coriana

    I love it SO much!! It is my single favourite thing in my salon! <3

    • Natasha

      ?NAILS! ?NAILS!? NAILS! ?

  2. Kerry Lewendon

    That is so awesome and I’m totally jealous. I can’t quilt to save my life. But I look at quilting pictures. That I can do. And little miss black cherry absolutely cherishes your banner!



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