I Me May Made it through!

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Guys, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you are definitely missing out on a variety of  very, very important things. You know, like, what I am eating for dinner, how cute my dog is at every second of the day, and from time to time a few selfies of me in fancy things I have sewn together.
(Alas, if you don’t follow me on insta, peep those keepers over to the right hand side because I put that shit on this damn website too!)

As you read 31 days ago, I had a goal for this month. I tried my best to participate in Me Made May 2016. Oh man, how fun was that! Posting pictures every day is a bit rough, especially when there are a lot of dumb photos of my silly mug, but I am totally head-over-heals for the sewing community on the internet. I am walking away with so much love and inspiration that I never could have imagined. And, even better, with so many new and exciting projects that are already melting my mind. I think, at this rate, I can be sewing day in and day out until at least mid-October with all of the plans I currently have. #allhailcreditcards

Here is a recap of my first Me Made May!

I missed 2 days BUT I wore everything handmade I have, made 3 new garments, starting following a bunch of amazing ladies full of inspiration, got a bunch of followers and amazing comments from the community, AND got over 100 likes on a photo.
Pretty good for a first year, I’d say.






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