#WIPWednesday: Grainline Studio’s Archer

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Hi #WIPWednesdays! I am back! With new and fun things.

Have I wanted to make this pattern forever? Yes.
Do I already have fabric stashed away specifically for this shirt? Hell yes.
Will I be making at least 14235 different Archer shirts? HAIILLLLL YAS.

I just cut out this bad boy last night and am on to the muslin making stage, however I have already envisioned at least 1500 different outfits with slight variations of this shirt.

Archer Patterned Button-Up Shirt

Um, yeah hi! I’ll take one in every colour. JK I have to make them all #imakemyclothes

Archer Colour Blocked Button Up Shirt
I am envisioning a Essex Yarn Dyed linen by Robert Kaufman in Charcoal with a black base. Or a dark navy chambray with a shibori bottom. Or a white cotton with a soft gray. UGH YAS KWEENS.

Sleeveless Archer
I am L-I-V-I-N-G for the Allison Glass Handcrafted prints by Andover fabrics. Can you even breathe when you think of these fabrics with this shirt? Because I definitely can’t.

Archer Pop-Over

Yes please. In every colour imaginable. God bless the new Double Gauze Chambray collection by Robert Kaufman. Can you even comprehend?! It would be the comfiest, most dreamy shirty shirt that you could ever put on your body.

Archer Pop-over Dress

I LIVE. I L-I-V-E! Can you even with a pull-over dress with these Cotton + Steel patterns?

Yikes! I better get sewing.



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  1. jeska goldfox

    Good fabric choices! I love the idea for the Shibori bottom.


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