#FBF: DIY Fabric Bucket (from a Charm Pack)

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DIY Fabric Bucket (from a Charm Pack)
Originally posted March 25, 2015

So, if you haven’t gathered this already, I’m pretty damn obsessed with quilting. But let me tell you, I am still so very knew at the whole process. For my birthday, I forced my husband to purchase me was gifted 3 Charm Packs of a delightful Jelly Bean by Laundry Basket Quits for Moda fabric . With packs in hand, I thought to myself, ‘NATASHA, THINK OF THE QUILT YOU WILL HAVE WITH THESE’. Cut to hours later as I come to the sad realization that 3 Charm Packs would made a beautiful quilt for a dog, or a (very small) baby.

3 months later, I have yet to go out and buy more supplies however am now hoarding square pieces like a gollum-esque quilt villain. I like pre-cut fabric because it takes the hard parts of creating away, and I am left with the super easy tasks and the laudable praises I (definitely) deserve. It was then that inspiration hit me: I was desperate for a Fabric Bucket, I had the pieces cut, and now it was just a matter of some straight lines and tote bag magic to pull it off!

DIY Fabric Bucket (from a Charm Pack)
disclaimer: please look past how dirty my ironing board is. We all have our problems, ok.

Step One
Lay out your pre-cuts to the desired pattern. You will have an outside box and a visible inside box, so make it look fancy. In total, you will need 10 squares.
Step Two

Note, if you want a super sturdy bucket, feel free to incorporate interfacing into your piecing, but I wanted to be able to roll down my top for that boho-chic look. For each box, we are going to sew all 4 sides to the bottom square. I have used a scant 1/4 inch seam allowance for all of my seams, but you can use whatever works best for you (just remember to always use the same allowance on all sides). Also, for this entire process, you are always going to sew right sides together. Sew the two side squares to your middle piece, so you have one long rectangle of fabric. Then, sew your top and bottom square to the middle piece, creating a + of fabric. Try to fold your seam allowance in so that you can avoid any jenky corners when you are putting it all together, just like in the picture below)
IMG_20150310_221422-e1427333988287-1024x768Once you are done, it should look something like this (note: the above pictures are of the inside box, and the bottom pictures are of the outside box. Stick with me, folks, I r good smart)
Step Three

Take your 2D boxes into the 3D world. Press your seams (if you are into that kind of thing) and sew up your sides, right sides together. Invert your outside box but keep your inside box with the seams out. Get ready, this is where the magic happens.
Step Four

Throw your outside box inside your inside box, so that all right sides are touching each other, and sew along the top leaving a 1-2 inch gap in the seam. Aka don’t get sidetracked by watching Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana being interviewed by Jon Stewart and mindlessly sew all way around.
Step Five

USE MAGIC TO MAKE YOUR BUCKET REAL. Which can also be done by flipping the right sides through the space you left in the top seam. Push all of the fabric through until you can see all of your right sides. I recommend rolling and pressing your top seam, using a ladder stitch (hidden stitches) to close the gap, and then doing a top stitch around the top so it looks fancy and finished. You may be thinking, ‘wow, pictures of all of these steps would be great’, and to that I would say I WAS TOO EXCITED WITH MAGIC TO REMEMBER TO TAKE PHOTOS. Anyways, after you topstitch the top seam, iron and you are in fabric bucket heaven.
IMG_20150310_230406-1024x768Ain’t she pretty?

With precuts and some very limited sewing experience, you could probably rock this project in 30 minutes or less, but it makes such an awesome tool (I am using mine for a scraps bucket) or gift. And I bet you that ever single human being would be interested in having one, because the fabric bucket game is on fleek.

Hit me up if any of these instructions don’t jive with your bucket, and comment or tag us here, in instagram or twitter, or email us pictures of your finished buckets so I can see just how damn freeeeesssssshhhhhh they are.



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