Garden Update 2016: Hi Spring

by | Mar 21, 2016 | Gardening | 5 comments

Oh man! What a crummy couple of weeks, guys.

It has rained 95% of the time, our dishwasher melted, Otis’ little puggly foot swelled up and made it hard for him to walk, oh yeah and my car2go stalled in the middle of an intersection and I saw my life literally flash before my eyes.
Thusly, I have been burying my sorrows in food, which (surprisingly) is not the greatest thing to do. BUT IT IS ALSO OH SO DELICIOUS!

However, a shinning beacon of light throughout this grim butthole of days has been my beautiful budding garden. Hello spring, I see you and I love you!

DSC_0100Double daffodils trump regular dafs any day of the week. Hi little daffodil baby!

This hellebore was a leftover from when we purchased our house, and I am so glad because these little flower babies are my personal harbingers of spring. They are also super easy to maintain and gorgeous. I highly recommend this if you are a lazy gardener, like… Also, how high fashion are these flowers, amirite? Their all like “I’m green like leaves but I have a bit of pink like a flower, love me because I am so minimalist and chic or don’t love me I don’t even care whatever”.

DSC_0127DSC_0124This was also a leftover plant which I have come to love, the Forest Flame or Lily of the Valley bush. Girl, look at you, girl. Girl, you a cutie.

DSC_0118My Opa was an avid gardener. Although roses were his specialty, you could almost always guarantee he would have a couple bleeding heart bushes in his yard. I hope to keep that legacy alive, although this plant teeters from life to death pretty often in my yard. Luckily, she is sporting a little heart baby this year!

DSC_0111Now, I think this is a laurel bush, but google is really letting me down in the image search life right now. When we bought our place, the previous owner had two of these (let’s pretend) laurels in pots and they were just little nerds in the corner of the garden. After planting them in the ground they went crazy and now I get these cute little, probably deadly, berries every year!

DSC_0103This sneaky little pink guy popped up out of nowhere. Where are you from, little dude? Why do flies like to land on you when I am taking photos? WHO SENT YOU?!

DSC_0092I can’t wait until my forsythia grows big and strong and I have a massive yellow beast outside of my house reminding me that spring is here. However, considering I just bought this last year I will have to settle for little twirpy baby buds.

DSC_0087Hello little grape hyacinth babies! I see you!

When I first saw spring in Vancouver, obviously the cherry blossoms got me like whoa. However, hot damn if those dang magnolia trees are not some of the most gorgeous trees on this entire planet. Last year, I was plant shopping with Shauna, and the volunteer at the plant sale said “Magnolia trees? Yeah, they’re a piece of cake. Just plant ’em, water ’em, make sure the sun hits ’em”. And you know what, he wasn’t wrong. This is some easy beauty, people. I can’t wait for these little blooming buddies to open up.

DSC_0078I ain’t gonna lie to you friends, I can’t really tell you what this guy is. But my mom will know, and she will post in the comments. So, you know, check back in a few hours.

DSC_0083HI RASPBERRIES! I CAN SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS. I hope this little bud grows into the highest yielding raspberry bush in all the land. Please, raspberry gods, please!

DSC_0082Finally, as you should most assuredly be aware, #ghostpug didn’t come outside this entire time, and opted to stare at me like a stalker through the window. Can you see him? With his crazy eyes? Dying to be cuddled?! Also, uh, don’t look at how messy our patio is. Aw, shit, you looked didn’t you? I TOLD YOU NOT TO LOOK.

Umph, yaaaaas kwweens. This chill post was definitely needed to alleviate my two weeks of blarghs.  I promise to have more legit stuff up soon, and hopefully more than every two weeks. Mama needs that #googlemoney



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  1. Kerry

    Pretty flowers Natalie. I think mystery item may be flowering currant?

  2. Kerry

    Oh hell if I just accidently typed Natalie instead of Natasha bear with me I’m training noobs at work sigh…..

    • Natasha

      Hahaha! Not a worry at all. Just as long as you don’t call me later for dinner! yokesyokesyokes.

  3. da geez

    Pops here…..very nice spring pictures…..glad that is cheering you up after your poopee last
    days…..suup with dishywassher…..should still be under warranty..???…right..
    Hope your following days are gooder….lov ya popop..xo


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