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I am really excited about my blog, and I have so-so many things that I want to show all ya folks, but the act of sitting down and writing a blog entry is so hard for me. Here’s the thing, I work in an office. So, I spend all day, 6 days a week, staring at a computer screen and making those dollar dollar bills. Now trust, I can imagine a lot of people who also work at a computer all day go home and, you know, sit in front of a computer, but that is my literal worst nightmare.
If I am not physically working, or using the computer for absolutely necessary like tasks (hi beyonce tickets), it is literally like pulling teeth to get me to sit down and focus. When I am at home: my dog, my sewing machine, my tv, and my refrigerator get all of my attention (sometimes, you know, not in that exact order).
So, uh, you may be thinking, ‘Natasha, you used to be so great at writing blogs every week but you say you only spend time on the computer at work, so does that mean you wrote your blogs at wor’…NEXTTOPICOKNOTHINGTOSEEHEARKBYE.

Anyways, long story short, I want a Microsoft Surface so if any y’all ballers can hook a bitch up, I would be something thankful fam.

This week on HERE IS A THING I MADE: Elizabeth Hartman‘s Pointy Quilt Wall Hanging.


If you haven’t read my previous Elizabeth Hartman blog, where have you even been? But also, you can check it out here. I must say, one very fun part of this quilt was using up the extras from the Solar Eclipse quilt and finding a grouping of 5 that worked best. Ultimately, you can see that I went with neutrals and pinks, however I love the idea of having some of those turquoise and blues for pops of colour. Eventually, I just may have to make one of my own!


Ultimately, I went with Dusty Peach, Primrose, Peach, Punch, and Flame (all Kona Solids) for my tail gradient pieces, and Flame for the point. I chose Essex Yarn Dyed in Charcoal by Robert Kaufman for the background fabric, and you KNOW I hit up Hotsprings in Purple from the Honeymoon Collection by Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel. All of this lovely fabric was purchased from Fabric Spot, as you can see by their cute (and very handy) labels. For real though, can you not just picture making every item of clothing in that Essex Yarn Dyed fabric. I am dead. I am actually dead when I even think about it. Now, you may be wondering why I went with a red colour when the backing fabric is so clearly pink and purple, and to that I say: do you know what a scrap pile is?


The pictures, unfortunately, do not do this bad boy any justice (yes, I know I need to get better at picture taking, and, you know, ironing before picture taking).  I quilted using the same loose wavy lines technique that I did in my Old Lady Quilt, but I used two different colours of thread, a lighter and darker grey, to play off of the tones in the background fabric. I like the effect that it gave to the final piece, it’s a subtle ombre-y like wave that blends in to the background. And yes, ‘ombre-y’ is a word.


The only trouble I had with this quilt was, you know, everything. I thought I was paying attention and doing everything 100%. However after cutting all of my pieces, I found out (to my wonder and surprise) that I had miscalculated the diagonal on the  arrow tails and everything that was supposed to be 2.5″ was a delightful 1.75″. It would not have been the end of the world to just redo this small section (hindsight is 20/20), but instead I just wound up cutting everything else in the quilt down to size. Christmas time is a tough time, guys, some decisions have to be made on the fly without rhyme or reason.

Anyways, as you can see, it all worked out in the end.


Oh yeeeeeeeeaaaaah! I did it! I survived writing a blog at home. Now it is time to netflixxx.

PS: are you totally sick of wall hangings yet? I hope not, cause I have one more wall hanging blog left! #suckerrrrrs





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