#FBF: Natasha’s Kitchen Dreams

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ok, I know I KNOW it is still technically February, but the sun has been out for like two days in a row and now all I can think about is throwing on some flippie-floppies and heading to the beach*.

*dog beach, of course. people beaches are not for me**.

**because I am a dog, not a people***.

***just kidding, I am a human woman.

Anyways, this post below has nothing to do with the summer, however maybe by summer of 2017 I will be able to afford some of the things I am talking about below. 2017 is designated ‘Year of the Home Reno’ so mark your calendars people.
In 2017, I WILL BE DANIEL KANTER. Or, at least, maybe just his friend? sidekick? e-friend? I’ll take anything at this point.

I am still in-love with everything below, although it is very white and clean, and sometimes I like to be dark and broody in my house. Which may because we (royal we, I did nothing and my father did everything) changed my old dilapidated loser of a sink to this bad boy. For real guys, you would have to pry this extra large black sink from my cold, dead hands cause I will never live without this sink. Hi sink baby, hi!


Anyways, getting back to the image below: I would probably add some more rustic, warmer, earthy tones instead of the bright mints and pinks.  And, you know, get rid of the white sink.



#FBF: Natasha’s Kitchen Dreams
Originally Posted: July 16, 2014

So, we just bought a condo.

It’s a pretty big deal, as the Vancouver real estate scene is generally ridiculous, and we had only been searching for a few weeks before we stumbled upon this diamond in the rough. It’s an older building, coupled with an older resident, so it will need some TLC to bring it into our modern era. However, I feel like I have been preparing my ENTIRE LIFE for such an occasion. There is a reason why I have Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, and Bathroom boards on Pinterest, and read DIY blogger’s posts like Neil Degrasse Tyson reads the stars. I am absolutely obsessed with renovations, DIY projects, and making my house enveable by all of the soccer moms on the internet. However, new homeowners with tiny savings accounts don’t yield mega renovation projects immediately. Although I am fine with the idea of only being able to make Ramen Noodles in a brand-new kitchen for the rest of my life, I highly doubt my boyfriend (and my mother) feel the same way. So for now, I remain a theoretical DIY’er, a pining pinterester, a reserved renovater, with a lot (a lot) of lofty ideas.

My Kitchen Inspirations:

  1. How cool are Sputnick Lamps?! This one is from 1st dibs.com, however you can get these lamps from a variety of places, or you could be super hip and make your own. Jenny from Little Green Notebook did an amazing Sputnick Lamp DIY out of an Ikea PS Maskros, and it looks freaking fabulous.
  2. Sarah from Smitten Studio did a beautiful cabin makeover, and I am in-love with her farm sink and faucet combo (both of which are from Ikea, which makes my wallet feel happy).
  3. Do I need to say more? Seriously, Smeg is the greatest thing to ever happen to kitchens in the history of kitchens. Also, if you are staring blankly at your screen, spitting-fire at the fact that someone with no money wants a $3000 refrigerator, may I remind you that these are my dreams. Stop pooping on my dreams, the internet.
  4. If I could be anyone in the entire world…well I would be Iman. But as Iman, I would want Daniel Kanter as my best friend. This picture is straight from his DIY kitchen renovation in his new Kingston home, which can be found (with many other amazing posts) on Manhattan Nest. Daniel is my DIY spirit animal, and I am forever thankful for the day I came across his site.

5. I would usually be rock hard for subway tiles in the kitchen, however the bathroom in my new place is wall-to-wall subway tiles, so I didn’t want to over-do it (if that is actually a real thing). I am glad I strolled over to Deco by Lottilou and found this inspiring kitchen. I love the way the hexagon tiles look, and the jagged edge that they create, and who doesn’t like open shelving now a-days. I feel like upper cabinets are the new loser kid on the proverbial kitchen playground.

  1. Have you been to the official Ikea blog yet? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! I know the Fintorp system can be used for everything and anything (shout out to Apartment Therapy’s article on this exact topic) but for me, the Fintorp is primo kitchen plant hanging material.

7. Hygge & West plus Rifle Paper Co. equals the greatest wallpaper to ever exist. This wallpaper, matched with hints of copper around the kitchen and apartment is so beautiful, it hurts. Talk about a statement wall!

  1. I am pretty fascinated by the idea of bench seating in my new dining room. I think Isobel from Bel & Beaudid a fantastic job in her kitchen, creating a bright and beautiful bench seating area, as seen on the Glitter Guide. Plus, a bench could hide extra storage for, you know, everything that would have gone in those upper kitchen cabinets I just made fun of.

What do you folks think of my dreams? Do you have any tips for a inexpensive renovations?
I would love to hear if you have any tips or tricks on new home buying, renovations, or any words of wisdom for new home owners!

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