#FBF: Lazy Decor: A Tote Bag Pillow DIY

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Hey faaam.

Man, I don’t know about you, but this January has flown by. Oh, and by flown by, I hope you know that I mean that I have been so god damn lazy and haven’t moved from my couch for an entire month.  Every day at work I think, ‘I HAVE SO MANY PROJECTS TO COMPLETE’ and then I get home and I sink into my couch and I don’t leave until I roll to bed. It’s pretty bad, but at the same time oh sweet mother of mercy it is so good. 

I am kind of thinking/hoping that it is because I don’t drink as much coffee during the day as I used to. I am down from 3 cups to one. ONE. And this isn’t for any other reason that I am too lazy to brew coffee at work. Yes, you read right,  I am too lazy to even make coffee. Man, January is really kicking my ass.

Here’s to new beginnings though, right? Maybe next week I can start fresh, and rock some #wip’s that have been lingering for a few months. Check my instagram feed for updates/too see if I have stuck to my word (or if the laziness is here to stay forever).

Anyways, in keeping with the amount of utter lazy in my life, here is a ridiculously lazy DIY from a year and a half ago. I will update to say that I have done nothing more to this pillow to make it less jenky, but I still love it everytime I see it. It has also kept me company on my #monthofcouch and is a surprisingly good dog fart barrier (an absolute necessity in my house). So, go do lazy DIY’s, you’ll love them much longer than you think.


#FBF: Lazy Decor: A Tote Bag Pillow DIY
originally posted: November 26, 2014

I will not lie to you, my fellow and very well appreciated readers: this is not the strongest DIY I have ever done. However, a very brief google search shows that no one on the internet (cough…first page of google results…cough) has attempted such a post, so I will continue.

You smart people may be saying ‘there are probably not that many posts because it is just so silly’, and to you I say
18209138-stfu-For this post to make any sense, you must know three things about me:

  1. For some inexcusable reason, I have about 40, 000 tote bags that I refuse to throw away. I don’t know why I keep them. I don’t use them and they are currently hidden in a closet taking up space, but I some how magically procured them and they have never made it to the trash. How else am I going to remember that one event I went to two years ago that was sponsored by car2go, people; this is my life I have to live!
  2. I need to own anything Gemma Correll. A fellow pug lover who never wants to leave her house and creates all day, we should be best friends. Although, it would be friends that stay in instead of going to see one another, that just send pictures of pugs daily. Truly, it is basically the best friendship anyone could ask for.
  3. Speaking of pugs, pug merchandise is all over the place. It is not rare to find a pug shirt, or a pug pillow, or a pug hook (yes, I have all of those things). But most items depict fawn pugs. Fawn pugs are the dominant force of the pug race. However, being a owner/bestie best friends of a black pug, this swag is much harder to find. So, when I do find black pug memorabilia, it is mine with no questions or hesitations.

Thusly, the story continues,

On a recent trip I came across the synthesis of previous points 1, 2, and 3: A black pug tote bag.

All hail in the glory of the tote.
pugsnotdrugs-768x1024As aforementioned, there was no hesitation: this was to be my 40,0001 tote bag. As it lay on my kitchen table-turned-craft desk, I stared at it for weeks, wondering what to do with this damn bag. I didn’t need it for toting reasons, but it was just too perfect to store it away. That is when lazy, lazy DIY ideas came to mind. With 3 sides already sewn, I could make this a very terrible but functioning tote bag pillow.

ALERT: If you are an experienced sewer, take pride in your sewing projects, or have a general mind for proper DIY, look away. If you are not part of the previous tribes, let me introduce you to the easiest pillow you will ever make.

This particular tote is made from canvas, with two side seems, a top hem, and reinforced straps on top. I saw nothing over the top or fancy about it, so deconstructing it was a breeze. I used my seam ripper to take off the tote handles and open the top seams. This left me with a raw edge on the top, but three otherwise completed side seams. If you were trying to do this legitimately, it would make sense for you to flip it inside out, sew the top seam together, open up the bottom seam, and finish it like a regular pillow. But did I ever say that I was going to do this legitimately? No, so let’s continue.
IMG_20141111_231817-e1416988966251-1024x768 Next, much to the dismay of anyone who has ever made anything before (didn’t I tell you to look away earlier?) I shoved my pillow form to the very depths of the pillow, rolled and pinned the top, and did a straight stitch all the way down.

Now, let’s consider pros and cons: con: any person who knows pillows would know you failed hard. pro: this project, from conception to completion took maybe 10 minutes. If you are in need of a very quick fix, or you have company coming with little time to spare for decorative DIY, this may just be your short term solution.

All things considered, I may go back and rework this pillow, maybe take the whole thing apart and add some piping or a pompom border, but right now I am boobs-deep in Christmas crafting and generally enjoy seeing this pillow, even in it’s ‘shabby chic’ form, every day.
Pug-Pillow-Model-768x1024Do you have any shameful crafting secrets? Let me know in the comments. There must me others out there!

Happy crafting!



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