#FBF: 8 Fun Crafts for 2015!

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As I plan to regale you with all of my holiday crafting for the next month or two of posts, I thought we should take a step back and see what I was up to one year ago. It is so interesting to look back and see what my skills were at last year, and see how I have gone from my very first quilts, to the wall hangings of 2015 and future quilts I plan to create this year!  Last year I worked on my first quilt(s), it was the first time I had ever worked with zippers, and my pennant game was just taking off.

Practice, practice, practice: by golly, it works.


8 Fun Crafts for 2015!
Originally posted January 14, 2015

Happy 2015 friends and fellow crafters!
I am writing this post a wee bit late; my 2014 pizza hangover is just narrowly wearing off, so if you never wanted to hear about Christmas and gifts again, well shucks.

Christmas has always been a crunch for me, for one reason and one reason only. Whenever mid-November rolls around, I sit and think to myself: what are a few skills that I don’t have but would love other people to think I have, and can I used those non-existent skills for crafts I have never attempted before with a ridiculously small amount of time to complete them? Do I know why I do this? No. Will I ever stop doing this? Absolutely not.

In 2013, I decided that super fancy jellies and marmalade, needle felting, felt air balloons, a pair of underwear, and hand-made hand-printed towels were in my best interest to create. I cursed myself during my late nights of sewing numerous layers of felt together, when all of the caked-on globs of marmalade were found behind cabinets and under stove grills months later, and I sat for what seemed like eons cursing my lack-luster sewing abilities.

However, as always, it took me a summer to forget, and then I was back kicking myself and sewing until 4AM on December 22nd, 2014. This is who I am, so sometime soon I should get used to it.

For Christmas 2014, I busted some needles and messed up my sleep schedule for a variety of fun things, and I hope you will (with proper planning and time restraints) rock out some of these amazing things for gifts as well!

Jelly Roll Race Quilt Top, Stitched in the Ditch and Machine Binded

My biggest endeavor and most time consuming project was definitely the two quilts I made for both my mom and mom-in-law. I have never made a quilt before, but I regularly dream about hanging with Jenny from Missouri Quilt Company, and all of the wonderful things we could make together (in my dreams, we are the best of friends). After hours of watching youtube tutorials, Jenny told me this quilt top would take 1 hour and that seemed perfect for my first go. I, obviously, have the same skills as a super professional quilter and can do anything I watch on the internet in the time the internet tells me to do it, right?

Wrong. I am not good at piecing, I am not good at straight lines, and I am not good at being precise, and ALERT: YOU NEED ALL OF THOSE THINGS TO QUILT. However, with perfection thrown out the window and the one hour guarantee almost immediately abolished, I actually had a wonderful time working on these quilt tops. It is all straight lines, for real, straight long lines. Even while quilting, it was all straight long lines, so it was a very simple beginning to the art of quilting. The machine binding was a bit difficult to manage (dear moms, please don’t look at the binding) but I think the finished products turned out pretty darn great.

Oh, and if you are wondering if I am still in-love with quilting? Oh heck yes. I’ve already started a new, harder, quilt top for myself! No rest for the wicked.

Heating Pad

This tutorial from AliceandLois.com was very fun and very easy to recreate. I did mine basically the exact same as the tutorial (although I used different fabrics) and I used brown basmati rice because someone said it would smell like popcorn out of the microwave. mmmmm.

Zipper Pouches


Thanks to a new obsession with zippers and help from purlbee.com, I made about 1400 zippered pouches this year. After the initial trial and error of working with a zipper (without a zipper foot), these pouches are actually very easy to complete from cutting to your last stitch. I bet you could bang out one an hour if you were (let’s say it together): A CONFIDENT BEGINNER.


Now, if you haven’t caught on from the Craft-Co Instagram, I will inform you now, once and for all, that we here at the Collective are pretty obsessed with Bunting. It is super fun and easy to create. Check out our previous tutorials on bunting and get crafting. For mine, I used basic felt sheets, cut into triangles and adorned with some iron-on letters and it came out looking pretty fly. Here it is hung up in my cousins house (thanks to Jade for the after pic!).



If you are new to sewing and need a small project to accomplish, these coasters would be an amazing starter to the world of home decor DIY. This specific post from WeAllSew.com talks about some mega fancy embroidered coasters, however I used some patterned fabric and my best hand embroidering skills and rocked some pretty rad table savers.

Lia Griffith Pins


If you don’t already follow Lia Griffith, please fix your LIFE. Just kidding, but do go look at her amazing flower creations and felty figures. I highly recommend printing and storing all of the tutorial for these little dudes, because they are cute as hell and quit easy to complete. I added a pin back to mine, but you could easy leave it as a gift topper. Once you get into the felting life style, you just cant stop. I am currently obsessed with making an army of gnomes and one million Squirrel Pins.



Totes are one of the best projects (for me) because they are very fun and quick to complete and you can very easily jazz them up. It is a fairly small amount of sewing for a killer payout. My first sewing class was the Tote Bag from local Vancouver Sewing Lounge and all around best place ever, Spool of Thread, and I purchased the pug fabric from Spoonflower, an online fabric printing service, and it’s basically the cutest tote ever created.



If you are a smart human being, and think about your gifts a few weeks in advance, extracts are amazingly inexpensive gifts that have a super excellent time-to-payoff ratio. Using techniques from Reagan’s post on Vanilla Extract, I bottled my own Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Coffee extracts for my office coworkers. Now, no one has said they have used them just yet, but no one has died, so I guess I did alright.

Now that you have 8 killer gifts to mass produce for all of your family and friends, I hope 2015 deems you the king or queen of gifts and everyone adores your all around awesomeness.

(ps. sorry for the just ratchet photos! Lighting is one of the many, many things I need to update in my new house. Please forgive me, oh blog jesus, for my sins)



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    Then you show me felt gnomes
    And I am digging into bins in my basement for felt scraps
    Just knock it off Natasha
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