#WIPWednesday: 2016

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Oh hai there, 2016

Assuming that resolutions are like year long #wips, I want to try a little experiment. I am going to write down my resolutions right now, January 6th, 2016, and then in 359 days I am going to come back and see how well I did. Not to toot my own toots, but I pretty much slayed my last year’s resolution, which was to get it shape (aka to no longer be a round shape), but other than that I have always, always, failed at reso’s.
Some more recent failed resolutions include:
1. Become Beyoncé
2. Learn French
3. Read more books

WHY AM I NOT BEYONCE YET?! Anyways, I’m going to throw those old ones out the window and in hopes of a fresh start, try to rock these 2016 New Year’s resolutions. In the year of our gourd 2016, I would like to:

  1. Exercise more (and/or exercise at all). Yeah I know. I am just like every dumb idiot that thinks of something to say when asked about resolutions. But, I am really going to try this year….really…


  1. More garment making! I am hoping that this year will be my first year participating in #MeMadeMay, started by blogger Zoe Edwards.  #MeMadeMay is a celebration of handmade and homemade garments where one can make personal or community based ‘pledges’ that are focused on sewn, knit, crocheted, refashioned, or up-cycled garments. Now, my personal pledge (and dream of dreams) would be to have 31 days of garments and different outfits that are completely handmade by me, so we will see how it goes!


  1. Youtube tutorials are basically my life. I watch them for everything, and I watch them obsessively. I have recently become a bit bewitched with makeup tutorials online. I, very ashamedly, admit that I have had the same makeup routine for the past 10 years; and yes, it is boring and yes, I would like to learn something new. After sinking into a huge Nikkie, Kat Von D, and Jeffree Starr internet-hole, I would really like to learn how to create a more put together face, and giiiiiirl you know I need to learn how to contour. From the amount of views on the tutorial below, I am obviously not the only one.


I am leaving out any craft or home decor related resolutions, as I think 2017 will be their time to shine. But don’t worry, loyal followers, those thoughts are always in my mind.

I would LOVE to hear what your resolutions are, so please comment below, on instagram, or on facebook!







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