Dining Room Dreams

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“Um hallo Natasha, where have you been?”
Is that you? Is that what you, my blog lovers, have been saying?
This November/December stuff is killing me. Why do I make all of my Christmas presents? Why don’t I start in July instead of November?! Why are there only 24 hours in one day?!? WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO SLEEP TO SURVIVE?!?!?

Obviously, I can’t start posting pictures of anything that I have been working on, but I can post about things that I have been dreaming of, and I have been dreaming of Dining Room tables.

For the past, well, forever, my work space has been my dining room table. 3 years ago, when I worked on a minimal amount of projects, the dining room table was fine. It was from Ikea, and keeping it pristine did not matter that much. I maybe had a little felt project in the corner, or some hot glue stains in the middle of the table, but nothing that would hinder the table’s original use for, you know, sitting empty while we ate dinner on the couch in front of the TV. Now, much to my chagrin, my sewing machine has a permanent home on the dining room table and although I choose to eat on the couch, I would prefer to have the option of not being a human animal from time to time.

My big plan for 2016 is to designate a proper space for my new found obsession with sewing (as seen in my Sewing Space Conundrum post from earlier this year).  As I no longer consider sewing to be a passing fad (aka I have the fabric for 5 new quilts), I think it’s time to give the ol’ dining room work space a revamp. The plan is to take my existing dining room area and convert it into sewing haven, full of storage and machines and trinkets to assist in my daily sew time, and to have a small section of our living room for a mini dining room area. Don’t worry, in my mind it looks stunning.

However, the issue I am currently having is finding a god dang mini dining room table. Who knew it would be that hard? Everyone, probably. I like round tables, and I need it to be under 30″ in diameter, and under a billion dollars. I have found that the center of this imaginary dining room table Venn diagram is just a middle finger pointed directly at me, with the text ‘haha, you lose Natasha’ in the legend.

However, come with me while I dream my dreams, won’t you?

Salvaged Wood and Weathered Concrete Beam Round Dining Table by Restoration Hardware


Dear money gods, why can’t you let me shop at Restoration Hardware like a fancy person living in the Catskills?

Industrial Collection Bistro Crank Table from Sears


Bistro tables are another option, as they are the right size for what I am looking for, however as soon as you put ‘bistro’ in the search bar, you start getting weird metal rattan monstrosities. This one, although the picture quality is not to great, is a very interesting table, and among the jungle of plants that my house will inevitably have, it could look quite interesting. Not, however, $1000 worth of interesting.

Mid-Century Round Dining Room Table by West Elm


If you do not already know that I have creeped the West Elm page about four hundred thousand times just in-case someone in the company went insane and made this table 10″ smaller and $100 less expensive, I don’t even think you know who I am.

Wood and White Metal Leilani Tulip Dining Table by World Market


When you read round dining room table, you just assumed I was going to be all up in them tulip tables, didn’t you? Well, you were not totally wrong. I like tulip tables, but I am not, like, in love with them. I don’t look at a tulip table and start to melt inside out of sheer design lust. However, this option from World Market hits all of the quadrants: it’s cheap, small, and round. So, who knows?

Montana 5-pc Dinette Set from Costco


Um, yah, hi! You are a super cute table set. Can you just be like, a bit smaller with two less chairs plz?!

Mix and Match to Create a Custom Table by A Beautiful Mess


There is also the option of building and designing my own table, just something with a top and 4 legs so I can start working on the more important sewing room area.  But when I told my carpentry adviser aka Father I was going to screw 4 legs into a piece of wood, he just stared at me blankly while screaming “NO NO NO” in his mind.
(That is an over-dramatization, he just said no)

What do you think, the internet? Do you have any hot tips for my design dilemmas?





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