#FBF: DIY or Buy: Leggings Edition

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It’s fun to go back and read posts from your recent past. It’s now 7 months later, and I am still writing blogs about how terrible I am at picking fabrics, and doing things without thinking first. It is truly my M.O. people. My tombstone will read “here lies Natasha, great effort but terrible follow-through”. Also, how many times do I say ‘confident’ in this post, clearly I was working on something subconsciously. #fate

Anyways, I wrote this blog post earlier this year, and let me tell you: I still haven’t made up my mind. I still have the three pairs of Sweet Legs leggings, and have none pairs of new diy leggings. However, if someone was a good peruser of fabric stores, and found a bolt of knit that would make an amazing pair of leggings, I definitely could see how the pattern would rock. These would also be a very interesting challenge if you were just starting to sew bottoms and fit pants to your body (start with something that stretches, just in case ya know?!). For now, I think I am going to stick with my most likely made in terrible sweat shop conditioned leggings, and hope that I get better at working knits soon.  Then, I will have my own leggings empire! Also, yeah I know, I JUST CAN’T QUIT YOU, COLETTE PATTERNS.

DIY or Buy: Leggings Edition
April 17, 2015

This year, I signed up for the Colette Patterns monthly subscription to Seamwork Magazine, and I am loving it. Every month, you get 2 patterns for (confident) beginners that take in between 1-3 hours to sew, and thus far the patterns have been absolutely amazing. Even more than patterns, you great some great articles about fabrics, sewing inspirations, and great people speaking from behind the machine. You get all of this, great sewing tips, beautiful images, and some killer patterns for everyday wear at only $6 a month! Heck yes!

In January, one of the patterns available was the Manila, an easy legging pattern that had a lined pedal-cuff to make it super adorable.

As someone who wears leggings like they are a second skin, I jumped on this pattern immediately. However, not being skilled in the art form of waiting for the right supplies, I grabbed the first double knit fabric I had (purchased  in a rummage sale) and went to town making my first pair of DIY pants. As you can imagine, they didn’t turn out the greatest. As in anything hand-made, fabric choice plays a very important role, and I have never been good with correct fabric choice (let’s all take a moment to remember my polyester curtain fabric tank. sigh). However, that being said, the fit and the style of the pant was ah-maz-ing! I accidentally made mine a bit too big (again, I am not good at pre-sewing details) but with the fabric they actually looked like a legitimate pair of pants. I felt the most confident, I even wore them out for a night on the town.

Ultimately, the fabric started to get holes in the seams (rummage saleee shakes fist) and inevitably I threw them out. But for that one night, guys, they were perfect!

However, after all of the praises just sang, I kind of got in a rut after thinking about re-doing this pattern. The leggings were great, and I felt confident in my awesome skills, but are DIY leggings really worth it? I have recently come across a company that sells the craziest and awesome leggings for $25. 25 bucks! If I were going to pay myself for the time, effort, and supplies it took me to make my own leggings, they would cost far more that $25 dollars.Sweetlegs_19-web-407x542

SweetLegs is a Canadian based retailer that rocks some awesome patterns and fabrics for the very low aforementioned price. I already own three different pairs, and I can only see my collection growing. They did not take me an hour to make, they fit great, and I did not have to think about anything more than my Visa bill. That being said, I am placing a very white-middle-class blind eye on where these are actually made, and that is a totally legitimate issues that all people buying any kind of clothing has to be aware of.

So yes, I am in a bit of a pickle. DIY or Buy?
What do you prefer? Let me know in the comments. MAKE UP MY MIND FOR ME, INTERNET.





  1. Kerry

    Well…here’s my two cents worth. I have been sewing for a couple of years. OK 45 years. I have made curtains, tops, jeans, bras, doggy beds, you name it. I made one pair of leggings, the Patterns for Pirates freebie. Super easy to make, fabric was fine, but they would have fit me when I was like…10. I would love to have some of the fabulous spandex prints I saw at Fabricana if I was your age because nobody else would have them in leggings! But alas…I am not, so I’ll stick with the black Dex ones I get at the Bay. (Until I go around for the 2nd time then maybe)

    • Natasha

      So, I was getting my nails done and Cor and I were talking about dog beds and how her mom makes them. I was like ‘Sooo..Cor, what’s your mom’s name? Cause I have this follower on my blog that I’m pretty sure is your mom!” hahaha!! Thank you for the pants pattern!! I have never made a legit pair of pants, we will see how to goes!!


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