CB2 + Kravitz Design

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The internet is a wonderful thing. We all knew that Lenny Kravitz was the king of looking fly as hell, and also my own personal scarf mentor, but did you know he also designs stuff?
Lennt-KravitzYasss #scarfking

He just put out a collection with CB2, which I will most assuredly ogle from afar because mama likes that life, but mama don’t have that kind of money.

Topanga Corner Bar
Look how daaaaang cute that bar is, and I know the perfect place in my house where it would sit. Come to me, corner bar, I will treat you real nice.

Ya ya Coffee Table
Wassup ya ya? You’re pretty cute. And you can store all of my fabric stashes without anyone knowing how much of a hoarder I am.

Pillows, oh god the pillows


I am hard into the pillow life, and these one’s do not disappoint.

Anyways, back to the real world.
Happy Friday er’body


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