#WIPWednesday: The Great Destash aka #wiciotswootwednesday

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For all those non-Canadian’s out there, this past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving with one extra delicious and wonderful day off of work.  I was a bit of a loner this weekend, and instead of giving thanks with human people, I sat around my house and organized!
My scrap fabric was getting a bit out of hand, and I knew I had piles of random fabrics scattered all around my house, but couldn’t remember what I had stashed away.

With the help of the One Hour Basket tutorial on Craftsy, and some mindful purging, what was once a disaster hole is now a compact pile of fabric pleading to be used. Huzzah for me!

BTW, a PSA on the One Hour Basket: If you search #onehourbasket on instagram, you will find over 1500 posts on this dang cute bag. I have made two, both only using two FQ of fabric (one for exterior and one for interior). They end up being an inch shorter, but hey, at least I don’t have to go out any rummage for more materials.
One Hour Bag Quilted
The first I made, I tried quilting it instead of using fusable fleece. The result was still cute, but I definitely prefer the sturdiness of my fleece one.

One Hour Bag
Both exterior fabrics are from Sarah Watt’s Honeymoon collection, because I physically cannot stop being a Sarah Watt’s fan girl.

Anyways, with my long lost but now found fabrics, I am starting on THREE (!!) Colette Patterns that I hopefully will complete later on this week!

So, I guess this is less of a “Work in Progress Wednesday” and more of a “What I completed in order to start working on other things Wednesday”.





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