#WIPWednesday: Sewing Space Conundrum

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Disclaimer: please be aware, this will be more of a talking at you rant rather than a fun lovable blog post. 

Welcome to the inside of my mind. Much like my instagram, my brain is divided into a variety of sections:

30% is devoted to how to rearrange my current furniture to create a brand new house without spending any money
20% is used for processing how to hack Ikea furniture to not look like Ikea furniture
15% is just a constant scroll of pictures of Otis, my pug.
10% is gray area, used for Netflix Binges and mental breakdowns
5% is that addictive impulse that makes me dream of croissants and doughnuts.
And, you know, the back of my brain is all the space where currently project ideas go to linger and basic functions and stuff.

Otis being cute
My life’s goal of living in a Design*Sponge worthy home consumes me. Hours can go by where I have mentally re-purposed, rearranged, and oogled expensive furniture for my home, and it is only a 720sqft apartment (you would think not that much excitement could happen in that small amount of space).

Anyways, to the task at hand. As of right now, our dining room has been molded into a makeshift sewing area, as our dining table is the largest surface we have to work and the dining room light is the only light fixture bright enough for crafts. After months of settling in, it has become an ultimate sewing space fabric disaster nightmare on hem street situation. Although nothing is technically wrong with sewing on your dining room table (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?), I would eventually like to actually have a place to sit and eat and have super romance-y dinners with my husband (hints, Brian, these are called hints).

However, making a final decision for what I want in a sewing space has proved to be a challenge.
I need:
1. a work space for my main sewing machine
2. an area to use and store my serger
3. numerous storage areas for my fabric stashes and notions
4. Possibly a pull-out cutting table, which would be counter height or taller.
5. Open or easily accessible storage for my often used notions (scissors, threads etc)
6. File storage for my patterns

And here is the best part, I would like to fit that all into a teensy weensy little space to the right of my larger living room area, and I would like it so I can pack up rather nice and tight when it is not in use. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, trust me, I know.

Instead of actually trying to fix the solution, I have taken to the internet to see how other people are managing their craft room situations.

Now, I know this is a gigantic room, but just look at this dream sewing space by A Little Bit Biased. #lifegoals

BBP Sewing Room Mid View

Or this cute little jam from My Ideal Home


My Pinterest page has a Crafting Spaces board where I have started to put all of my thoughts and ideas into, but if you have any tips of things that have worked for you, dear god please let me know.






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