Recipe Review – Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl

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If you have spoken to me about food in the past month, for any particular reason, I most assuredly would have raved about my new best e-friends, Dana and John from Minimalist Baker (note: they do not actually know I exist). If I am hungry, and have a fridge stocked with food, their website is my automatic go-to for recipes. Their content is not only always delicious all the time, it is also usually vegetarian, sometimes vegan, dairy free, and full of awesome ingredients that make your body say, ‘man, I feel great!’

I am usually sucked in by the absolute dreaminess of all of the ‘milk’ shake pictures (honestly, just go look at how delicious they all are), but today I have sampled the delicious vegan and gluten free Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl.

Buddha Bowl Chickpeas

Being that I would like to try more non-meat protein sources, I knew that shacking up with some ol’ garbanzo’s would be a great idea. Plus, the spicy-roasty-chickpea deliciousness sure won me over real quick! Also, I like the idea of a gigantic bowl of food, topped with a creamy sauce, that I can eat until I feel so full I can’t move. These are my dreams.

Buddha Bowl Sweet Potato

Now, are you looking at that and saying, ‘hey! that’s a yam!’ If so, we are probably friends; friends that share the common knowledge in not knowing what the hell the difference between a yam and a sweet potato is. The Kitchn has a pretty detailed account of the difference and the varieties, which I do read every single time I have a recipe for either item, but that knowledge is immediately forgotten post full belly. However, let me summarize for you now:

Both are tuberous roots with deliciously sweet fleshy insides, and are low on the glycemic index, contain potassium, magnesium and phosphorous, which is good for all of those fancy health reasons a doctor would be able to tell you about.

Yams are cylindrical in shape with brown rough bark-like (even possibly hairy) skin and blackish spots. They can have white, brown, purple or red flesh on the inside. They are dry and starchy, but much sweeter than a sweet potato due to their higher sugar content. Yams originate from Africa and can grow to a giant human sized monster of a root. Fun fact to know, raw yams are actually poisonous, and need to be cooked. Yep, just a fun little fact about these monster sized poisonous human killing tubors.

Sweet Potatoes are most likely what you are eating all of the time. They can be short, fat, long, or thin, but will always have a taper at both ends. The flesh can range in colour from white, yellow, orange, red, and purple. They are still sweet, although not as sweet as a yam, but contain more vitamin A and C. The thing that is going to blow your whole mind apart: the outer skin of a sweet potato can go from white and brown to red and orange. Some varieties have thin, pale skin with white or yellow insides and will tend to be more firm when cooked; other varieties can have thick golden or red skins with the orange fleshy insides and will be a softer when cooked. In cooking, if you are looking for hard, waxier sweet potatoes, go for the firm light coloured flesh, but if you are looking for fluffy, creamier potatoes, go for the gold (aka orange guys).
So, if you have been buying those red and orange roots and telling all of your friends you are the King of yams, you should go hide your head in shame. However, if you can travel to Africa, get a 7 foot Yam, cook it (obvs) and eat it, and then you can give yourself that moniker.
All hail the king of yams.

Buddha Bowl Spiced Chickpeas

The only thing I changed about the recipe at hand was using regular broccoli instead of broccolini, which was only due to my inability to find it at my corner grocery store. Everything else was completed word for word (I know, miracles do happen sometime). Even the most non-confident of beginners can rock this recipe, as it really is just:
stuff in mouth.

But for real though, let’s talk about that Tahini Maple sauce. As I am somewhat unsuccessfully living a dairy-free life, any sort of creamy non-dairy sauce is right up my alley. The mixture of sweetness, citrus, and sesame all in one super creamy and delectable sauce is utterly MIND-BLOWING. No jokes, I have made just the sauce quite a few times to drown other foods with.

Buddha Bowl Final

Man, even just looking at this photo is eliciting some mega belly grumbles.
I can’t recommend the Minimalist baker or the Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl enough. I won’t throw up the recipe here, as I didn’t change it, but head over to the site now and try it for yourself! And thanks to the Kitchn and North Caroline Sweet Potatoes website for the tubular information.





  1. BlueGingerClub

    That looks really awesome! I have to try a Buddha bowl soon too! ?

    • Natasha

      When you do, tell me how you like it! If you try a different recipe, let me know, I would love to add more Buddha Bowl’s into my repertoire! Thanks for reading!

      • BlueGingerClub

        Sure, will try it soon and let’s see what ends up on there ?

  2. Robyn Holm

    Looks awesome!


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