#WIP Wednesday: Plumbers Butt Edition

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Bathroom, Renovations, WIP Wednesday | 2 comments

Yes, I know, I am running  a bit late on my #WIP Wednesday.

It’s not all fun and games over here at craft central station, I also pretend to be a very skilled home repairman. Now, I may have a few crafting techniques that make me a confident beginner, but when it comes to home DIY, I am the worst of the worst. My fear of messing everything up inevitably leaves me dead in my tracks, not wanting to fix anything, and just magically hoping that by complaining about it enough, some elfish creature will come fix it for me in the night.


This is the current scenario in the bathroom. Our bath faucet is failing something awful, and our showers of late have been similar to trying to scrub honey off of your body by having someone spit at you from above. I have googled how to fix it about 1400 times, but the actual effort of fixing it has yet to be exerted.

However, recently purchased pipe wrench in hand, I plan on trying and failing at least 2-3 more times before I call in the professionals.
On a side note, do you know how fucking heavy a pipe wrench is? Fortheloveofgod.





  1. J Holm

    The HOME is HOLM is shining through!!! You go girl!!

    • Natasha

      Thanks mamama!


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