Day 2: What the hell am I doing?

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Every single human being on the planet has a blog; I am aware of this.
I am not only just aware of it, I already have two blogs in my recent past that I have worked on, and then inevitably left lingering in idle for too long.

Something that I have always been aware of is my lack of supreme, amazing, mind-blowing talent in any one particular hobby. However, what I lack in actual focus and attention, I more than overwhelmingly make up for in sheer interest in all of the things.

I have a stack of knitting needles from that time I took up knitting, a pile of random fabrics from that time I thought I knew what I was shopping for in Fabric Land, acrylic paints that I am certain haven’t seen the light of day in 5 years; all stashed around my house, and ready to be forgotten about.

Those needles? That fabric stash? Those sad dried out pallets:
these are their stories.
* insert Law and Order theme *

Now, in a fitting tribute to the theme of this blog, I am new the art of actual website making. Over the next week or two, I am hoping things will start popping up that you like. So, come back later, ok?





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